Towel Often Smelly Overcome With These Tips

Towel Often Smelly Overcome With These Tips

Image source: – The problem that occurs on your towel, I think is quite disturbing. Considering you're wearing it twice a day, or maybe more. In addition to hygiene issues, what other problem happens to your towel? Maybe these problems are also often you face, and here's how to solve it, as reported by


No one likes the towel smells musty. Especially when you've just lingered in the bath and was feeling very clean. If your towel smells musty, you can soak the towel in hot water mixed with 2 cups of vinegar. Then wash again with detergent. Make sure you always hang towels when wet, so as not to smell musty.

Difficult Dry

Towels that are difficult to dry are usually new towels. So, you just wash and dry it often, after 5-7 washes, the problem will disappear.

Yarn Loss

This is also a problem with new towels. Wash it several times will make the lost threads disappear.


If you want the color of the towel to not wear off and durable, you can add vinegar to the detergent you use, the first time to wash the towel. Then dry in accordance with the instructions on the care tag.


Of course you do not like if the towel that you use is rough and feels scratch your skin. Probably the cause is because you use too much detergent. The more detergent does not mean the more clean you know. In addition, too many detergents can also make your towel into a nest of bacterial breeding.How is Ladies, is it helpful enough? Well, the most important thing is you must always keep your towels clean and follow the instructions listed on the care tag.

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