Transfer of Agricultural Land Function to Mining in Samarinda (Part I)

Transfer of Agricultural Land Function to Mining in Samarinda (Part I)Editor's introduction:
This article is a paper presented on the live broadcast of RRI Kota Samarinda in Lestari Alamku Program.


The mining business in Kalimantan is currently reaching its peak with total Mining Business License (IUP) has reached 1271 for East Kalimantan. For the city of Samarinda until the year 2010 has reached 76, by occupying the city of Samarinda almost 73 Percent. In environmental law analysis, what is happening in Samarinda City at this time has exceeded the limits of environmental carrying capacity and capacity. The quality of the environment is in accordance with the mandate of the constitution, which guarantees the right to a good and healthy environment for the community, and this is certainly regulated in Law No.32 of 2009 on Environmental Protection and Management.

The mining business has two (2) sides of the coin, in which there are positive and negative aspects. Positive impacts with mining business include: increased welfare level, employment, native income of the floating areas, while the negative impacts are; causing environmental impacts around us, lands longsong, lost springs, lost in forests, gardens and agricultural land, causing lethargy, declining health and others in part.

On the side of women who have not been touched, in the mining business. Mining business is synonymous with men, and women must be marginalized. Woman if there is just as a cook, maid and the core of the kitchen. Women who are in the vicinity of mining business, this is wanted to be photographed on the impact of mining efforts in the city of Samarinda.

Mining and Women
Women in Makoran Village in Samarinda City, some women as farmers. life depends on the life of farmland and plantation, and the source of the existing water in the village. Women survivel against an area that was once known wilderness. It was this woman who helped her husband to jointly open a farm to change the fate of a tramigration from Central Java. Many sacrifices have to be made in transforming the life of life wandering from to the Eta mini earth, since 1957. His descendants have enjoyed the crops and gardening, the well-being, the better home facilities with all the tools he has. The core of his farmland has transformed and provided a prosperous life in the past.

Opened Mining Business CV Arjuna
The demonstration of the peasants of Makroman peoples at the municipal office of Mayor of Samarinda City, in September 2011, uploaded us, citizens of Samarinda City, what really happened with the farmers in Makroman. In the demands of the brand only requested restored agricultural land and garden as before, the land is fertile, can be planted, not as now, dry, barren, mud and coal waste from CV Arjuna. This demonstration has been done 6 times by the citizens of Makroman, 5 times direct keperusahanan CV Arjuna, and 1 times the government of Samarinda, this is dilakuakn because the agreement made violated the same hold company.

Woman Makroman
Together with the women's and family planning firms in East Kalimantan and Germany's GTZ, I and my other friends were facilitated to take a close look at what really happened with the women of Makroman Farmers. There I dialogue with women who are tough, never give up to keep their life and life dependent on agricultural products. It is heartbreaking that CV Arjuna's mining business is now operating and gets the coal's coffers on farms, springs and settlements 50 meters away in Makroman village.

1. Government Commitment

There is the same unrest and anxiety in the minds of the Makoran women. The village of Makoman in the village of dawn and become the granary for Samarinda City, with all the inhabitants cultivating agriculture and plantation. The lives of makoran citizens changed, since 2008 by running concession mining business license CV Arjuna. With the existence of IUP CV arjuna bring the consequences that changed the life and life of the peasants farmers macaroman. This can be seen from the statement of the women there about how the government program with the issuance of IUP, bring disastrous in connection with agricultural land.

So far, the existing CSR or Komdev program within the existing mining company, the people do not really know, in the program that the community perceives is an activity that ideas from the community, and the company only as a contributor. In the end people do not do and do not want a mine. The benefits felt by the community in the program conducted by the mining business in this department are not very significant. Due to existing mining companies, the program is not directly related to the community.

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