Trash Bank, Paradigm Salah Kaprah

Trash Bank, Paradigm Salah Kaprah [/ caption]

When a motorcycle shirt, does he have to spend money to clean clothes or get money instead? Normally he has to spend money, either to buy soap colek, detergent, fragrance or to pay for laundry services and laundry laundry.

The analogy of this dirty shirt can be a comparator when one has to clean his house from dirt and garbage, he costs money to buy brooms, bins, mops, and floor cleaning fluid.

Strangely this paradigm wants to be changed by campaigning Bank Waste. As if the process of cleaning the garbage (throwing away), can be replaced by saving in garbage bank.

Mungkintujuan Bank junk is to lure residents to want to sort the garbage so that the environment is clean. But setting goals should not be pragmatic but an ideal situation for the long term. Also consider its efficiency and effectiveness.

Before the debate whether bad Bank Waste, it's good we know what the Trash Bank?

The initiator is Mr. Bambang Suwerda, he founded Bank Trash Gemah Ripah in Badegan village, Bantul village, BantulDIY district.

Temporary residents deposit various kinds of garbage that recorded by volunteers in a book of Bank Waste Tabungan.Setelah collected for some time, the funds can be disbursed for the reason if directly cashed, the amount is too small.

At a glance this idea is brilliant, so many areas want to replicate it. Even some environmental programs in several big cities have been implemented by giving materials about Garbage Bank in waste management training.

They deny that:

Each region has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example a similar program is clearly not applicable in a busy urban housing estate. Even the housemaids are busy so that the mood of the volunteers who give birth to volunteers is clearly far from the dream. According to them, bother very and not need to record notes like that, call a junkyard who passes every hour in front of the house, ready to provide services sorting, binding, weighing and ending with fast payment and .. finish!It should be underlined that the above-mentioned urban housing produces more inorganic waste than organic waste.

Implementation of the Garbage Bank program in the area of ??Pak Bambang Suwerdapun has not run smoothly, most of the children who came after the loudspeakers announced about the act of depositing the garbage that day. This is possible because the residents are still reluctant to separate the garbage, you can imagine if Mr. Bambang Suwerda moved from the village of Badegan, Bank Garbage program may be stalled.

The Garbage Bank program is contradictory to a sustainable environmental understanding which ideally is zero waste or no waste is removed from each household because they are required to manage it. And the road to get there is minimal waste.

Let us trace what the contents of garbage and how far we can manage it. Most certainly is the waste of food and kitchen waste, we can easily compost it or put it into the hole biopori. Trash cans, plastics, bottles and paper can be given directly to scavengers or sold to junk. Especially the plastics are avoided because the scavengers are unwilling to accept. The best way is always carrying a reuseable bag for shopping. So with little intention to improve the environment actually we can minimize the waste without the need to establish a Garbage Bank.

The power and time of the volunteers who collect, weigh and record garbage are actually counterproductive because many of the scavengers and junkers can do it. So why should the seizure of land with them?

From some of the above description, it can be concluded that Garbage Bank may be successful in the village of Badegan, but can not be easily applied in other areas considering the complexity of problems in each region.

For long-term purposes, the idea of ??establishing a Garbage Bank is clearly in conflict with a sustainable environmental understanding. Any remaining product consumed should be easy direcycle so that household waste production can be minimized. And that is impossible if we do not start from now!

There is one story that suffocate the chest when I follow the entourage of the Camat and inspection officers to a RW (Rukun Warga) because the RW includes the participants of the Environment program contest.

With the passion of RW pack and PKK team told about the success of their area managing Bank Trash.According to their report the results of sorting and garbage sales last month reached more than two million dollars, it is a fantastic figure.

Out of curiosity I asked:

What's searched and sold bu? Because to my knowledge people are still difficult to sort out garbage, let alone sell itOh, the people here are aware to sort out the garbage, ma'am.

Plastic rubbers are there to buy? How about kitchen waste and food scraps?

Oh plastic waste sold all while the organic waste is accommodated by the market.

Simply accommodated or purchased?

Bought bu

Hmm, I'm nodding in surprise. Because if people in this area have been able to sort and establish a successful Trash Bank, this is clearly a great achievement.

Fortunately it is not my habit to always follow the group of officials. At a pengkolant not far from where Mr. Camat talked with his subordinates, I saw a garbage man complete with his trash waggers.

Loh! the contents of the trash is just the same as other areas that have not sorted their garbage.

Time to grab trash, mang?

Yeah neng, twice a week.

How much rubbish from the house is mixed like this, has not been sorted out?Yes have not atuh neng, mah ajah the misah-misahin, there can, mineral water, cardboard.

Oh, the results are sold ama emang?

Yes, sometimes it can be Rp. 20.000, sometimes only Rp. 10.000,00, okay.

Kitchen waste is also on sale, mang?

Ah the eneng, ya guns atuh, who wants to? Kitchen garbage ama plastic trashbegini nobody want to buy neng, so thrown aja ama emang.

(Rubbish plastic trash meant is plastic packaging packaging filled with writing and color)

Ah, father RW..ah, mother of PKK, today gini still ABS !!!

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