Trashy Trash in Palembang Fined Rp 50 Million

Trashy Trash in Palembang Fined Rp 50, Palembang – The City Government (City Government) Palembang will not play games to solve the garbage problem. There are hard sanctions that have been prepared for Palembang residents who caught littering. Unmitigated, residents who caught littering will be fined Rp 50 million.

This policy has been regulated in the Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 3 of 2015 on the Management of Household Waste and Similar Waste.

Mayor of Palembang Harnojoyo confirmed that his side did not hesitate to crack down on the caught residents still throw the garbage in an inappropriate place.

Cash fine of Rp 50 million will be applied immediately. This is to make people kapok and can be more disciplined to maintain cleanliness.

"The regulation of cleanliness is indeed set a fine of Rp 50 million, or prison for three months," he told, Friday, December 29, 2017.

With the Command Center Lawang Jabo on the third floor of Palembang City Government office, it can monitor the activities of Palembang residents. Including, garbage piled or the litter who throw garbage.

There are six CCTV units installed in the city center, such as in Plasa Benteng Kuto Besak (BKB) Palembang, 16 Ilir Traditional Market, Simpang Lima DPRD Palembang, Simpang Lampu Merah Hospital (RS) Charitas, Palembang Grand Mosque and Jalan Kapten A Rivai Palembang .

If recorded in the CCTV Command Center Lawang Jabo, Palembang City Government will send its officers to visit the residents and immediately dealt with.

"For people who remain stubborn, we will immediately give sanctions, officers will come to the location and take firm action," he said.

To maintain the cleanliness of Palembang City, the Mayor of Palembang has held a program Gotong Royong since last four years.

This program is aimed to mobilize awareness of Palembang citizens about how to live healthy and keep the environment clean."We have been consistent over the last four years and will continue to continue, hopefully Palembang residents will support, at least not to litter, including the flow and the Musi River," he said.

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