Travel Destinations in France By Month All Year

Travel Destinations in France By Month All Year

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When it comes to French, it usually comes to mind the romantic city, the delicious cakes that make drool, and the people who speak just make us melt without needing to understand what they are talking about. Let's take a look at some of the interesting cities to visit in France based on the month of your journey! So that your holiday is not merely to the Eiffel Tower.

1. July Avignon

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July is the month of theater lovers because there is the Avignon Festival that goes all month! Eits, do not underestimate the small size. During the festival, this cute center will be filled with tens of thousands of performances from thousands of theater groups that fill hundreds of stages throughout the festival. One of the most important performances of the festival is usually shown in the open amphitheater, the super-cool Palais des Papes. For this one, make sure you buy tickets from afar because the demand a lot. And from my experience, one weekend is simply not enough to enjoy all the shows I'm interested in. So, spare more time if you're a theater enthusiast.

PS: In addition to stop by Avignon, do not forget to enjoy the festive Tour de France competition and spectacular fireworks in the big cities on July 14th for the anniversary of Bastille Day!

2. August Arles

Rencontres dArles via

If you like photography, it's worth a peek at the Rencontres d'Arles photography festival so your shots get better. This August is also your last chance to hunt for free outdoor concerts across France. Even if lucky, maybe you have a chance to watch the screen step with your partner in this country million of love. If you already have a partner of course, ahem.

3. September Lyon

Miniatures and Cinema Museum via

This month is very convenient to visit France because the weather is still warm but the number of tourists has started to decrease. In the middle of September, you should make use of Culture Day (Journe de Patrimoine) by visiting museums in France. For movie lovers, I recommend stopping by to Lyon. Lyon is the birthplace of the famous Lumire Brothers through their discovery in the world of cinematography. Do not forget to also visit Museum Miniature and Cinema belongs to Om Dann Ohlmann super kece, I met directly with him lho Journe de Patrimoine time.4. October Colmar

Colmar via

Time to grape harvest! From the town of Colmar, one of the inspirations of his village of Belle in the movie Beauty and The Beast, you can also explore the Route des Vins of Alsace region because in this month their wineries are being rip-per-ranum. Once in a while, maybe the streets of his tea garden were changed into beautiful streets in the vineyard.

5. November Toulouse

Cit de lEspace via

This month is also fun for you guys who really like the plane to stop by the city of Toulouse because there is headquarters Airbus there. You can play satisfied at Cit de l'Espace that will take you into space or in Aeroscopia where you can see the unique planes you will never see at Cengkareng airport.

6. December Strasbourg

Strasbourg Christmas Market via

This is the most beautiful moment of the winter, and it's time we visited Strasbourg. Strasbourg is "Capitale de Nol" or when translated: The capital of Christmas. Why called the capital? Because Strasbourg Christmas Market is the oldest and largest in France, so it's most compulsory to go four weeks before Christmas Day. The proof, when I stopped at the Christmas Market in Baden-Baden, Germany, my taxi driver to wonder why I still bother to play there when I live in the capital of Natal, hahaha.

7. January Bordeaux

Bordeaux Wine via https://www.foodieandtours.comAlthough the celebration of the new year in France is still less exciting with in our hometown, but we are entertained with discounts early in the year! Everywhere you look, you'll see discounted bars along the shopping street. I think it's fun to play to Bordeaux, a city famous for its wine and once a city where the bourgeoisie live. Warm up while tasting delicious wine. Nyam!

February 8. Menton

Lemon Festival via

In this month, the citizens of Menton will be busy making monuments of lemons and oranges! From dragons to Taj Mahal, all will be yellow and orange. Not to mention the Lemon Festival or its French "Fte du Citron" you can also watch the beautiful illuminations of Jardin de Lumires.

9. March Annecy

Carnaval Vnitien via

While the weather is still cold and snow still covering the top of the mountain, let's take advantage of this opportunity to ski in Annecy, a city in the Alps that is often also called "Venice of the Alps". Well you know, a mixture of Venezia and Alps apparently, less what else try this city? Do not miss also Carnaval Vnitien which falls on the weekend after the Mardi Gras festival.

10. April Nantes

Carnaval de Nantes via

Spring comes, the flowers are blooming. Let's play one of the greenest cities in France! "Carnaval de Nantes", one of the carnivals that have existed since the Middle Ages, is also held in April and should not be missed because in this carnival, the artists will be competing to show off their best workshops in the procession in downtown.

11. May Cannes, Nice, MonacoCannes via

You must know dong Cannes Film Festival whose award is usually displayed with great pride on the poster of famous films? This festival takes place in May and will be a great time for you to enjoy the beautiful blue and blue sea of ??Cannes. This trip can be continued to the city of Nice is "so nice". While playing along its shores, take time also to visit Monaco country which is only a 20-minute train ride at a price of 3 euros from Nice as usually the famous Monaco Grand Prix was also held at the end of May.

12. June Provence

Provence via

Hey, you guys are purple and lavender! Let's go to the Provence region this month, when the fields are filled with lavender blooms and you can take beautiful photos to beautify your Instagram! Prepare your best clothes and say cheese!

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