True Love Is Different With Lust

True Love Is Different With Lust

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Love is blind, and sometimes for teenagers who are in love can not think about what is and what not to do. They often ignore the norms that they should not be breaking. Not even a few who give up his honor for the lust in the name of love. Love and lust are not the same, and very different.

True love is mutual love and loving one another, true love arises or comes from the bottom of the heart. While lust is more to feelings and actions that only prioritize his ego, without thinking about the after effects. If the lust is already visible signs to your partner, the best step is to decide before it is too late.

Sometimes there are some people who claim that if they really love him, then it must be shown by doing nothing. Love does not need to be proven with such a thing, because true love can not hurt a partner. By acting like that against a partner, you will indirectly damage his future, and that is not love.

As a teenager you should be more careful and can take advantage of everything into the positive. For example when you have a boyfriend, you should make your courtship for things that are useful, such as for example to encourage learning, etc. In essence, lust does not prove anything, let alone love.

Love and lust are different, not to be equated. Love will cultivate mutual care and lust more damage (both damaging the future, and corrupting the soul). Therefore, again I emphasize that love does not have to be proven by passion.

That is a short article about the difference between love and lust. Hopefully the article is useful for you to be more careful in acting and behaving.

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