Try the Delicious Texas Meat Come to Carne Smokehouse!

Try the Delicious Texas Meat Come to Carne Smokehouse!

Image source: – Ladies, are you a culinary enthusiast of meat-based culinary delights such as barbeque (BBQ)? Indeed, in Indonesia BBQ is not a strange thing anymore because there are many restaurants that peddle this dish.

But if you get bored with the BBQ-that's all, you can explore again about eating typical Texas, United States at the Carne Smokehouse Restaurant. Unlike the usual BBQ, in Carne the meat is cooked for a long time, even up to a dozen hours.

Texas BBQ is unique because of its cooking process. If BBQ is usually steak, chicken, and others. But if in Texas, BBQ means meat cooked in a smoky way with low temperatures, with long cooking time. That's what we want to bring here the concept. For the moment, we just serve the same brisket ribs, but in the future we will add other types of meat, said Medhina Indra Purwadi, one of the owners of Carne.

This new restaurant, established October 28, 2016, will provide an unusual experience when you eat very tender meat.

The meat menu can be arranged into sandwich / copyright by

For brisket, usually cooked in 1214 hours, the ribs were 810 hours. Because there are still many people who are not familiar, we all want to educate and so far many are curious to try and come to Carne, he said.

Mendhina and three other Carne owners claimed to use meat imported directly from several countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and America. In a restaurant with a capacity of 48 seater visitors has a menu mainstay that became the favorite of every culinary lover, namely brisket.

Brisket itself is a beef that is located on the chest down with cooking techniques smoked, thus making the texture of this meat to be soft. You can add pickled cucumbers, onions and buns while eating at Brisket.

In addition, there are various choices of side dishes that you can order in accordance with the wishes such as mash potato, sweet potato mash, coleslaw, mac n cheese, and french fries. The menu is also served with BBQ sauce homemade la Carne. One menu is sold at Rp59 thousand per 100 grams.

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"If you want to choose how many, we sell it per 100 gram, for example, want 200 grams, then we cut and serve as he wants .. And specially for Brisket, we do serve the same bread, because traditionally in Texas they like to eat BBQ is made into sandwiches, but we do not make it sandwiches, so let the customers themselves live in piles of meat, bread, pickles, BBQ sauce, and they make sandwiches, he added.If visiting with friends and family, you can order Bastard Platter menu. This menu is served with a wide selection of meats, such as 500 grams of Bronto Ribs, 200 grams of Smoked Brisket, and 4 pieces of crispy fried chicken complete with cucumber, onion, bread, and BBQ sauce typical of Carne.

The Bronto Ribs menu is also mandatory for you to try ladies. For this one menu, you can enjoy it with two or three friends with the price Rp499 thousand.

Interested not to feel like eating meat in Texas? If yes, you can visit the Carne Restaurant located at Jalan Cipete Raya No. This 15C starts at 11.0023.00 WIB for Saturday and opens at 13.3023.00 WIB for Friday.

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