Try These 7 Meals If You Go to Pekalongan

Try These 7

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Pekalongan, a small town on the coast, located in Central Java 100 km west of Semarang City. This small town holds a variety of charms that will attract your first attention "perched" in this city. Not only batik that is already very global, Pekalongan also offers a distinctive taste and special sensation in culinary. Here are 7 typical menu Pekalongan that rekomended really for you try:

Rice Megono

Yes, Megono is the "masterpiece" of this city. His fame is equivalent to Gudeg in Jogja. Megono processed from young jackfruit that is cut into small pieces and then grated with coconut, kecombrang and lemongrass, and certain spices and then served with rice, on a small wrapper like a cat rice in Semarang or Jogja. Suitable eaten in the afternoon until evening, and can be combined with almost all types of side dishes. As a mandatory food of Pekalongan City, you can find rice megono sellers almost on every side of the road and all corners of the city. The most rekomended is Mr. Bon who is on Jl. HA. Salim or field ngebong, Mbak Ibah and Zarkasi.

Soto Pekalongan (Tauto)

Unlike the soto Semarang or Kudus the yellowish broth. Soto Pekalongan darker color because it uses tauco spice that gives the sensation of the delicious blend of sweet and spicy, which is very shake tongue. Your mouth will not stop chewing its tender flesh. And will be more delicious again if mixed with fried into the hot gravy dipasukin. Tauto is also easy to find anywhere. What is worth recommending is Soto Klego, Ojo lali, Soto PPIP, and Soto Dalmudji.

Pindang Tetel

Do not think this food is made from pindang fish piled-pump in one container. Pindang tetel is a dish of black berkuah derived from a mixture of kluwek, containing 'tetelan' buffalo meat or beef, mixed with colorful chips crackers (sand crackers) add colorful appearance of this food. The most famous Pindang Tetel can be found in Kedungwuni, Pekalongan District.

Garang Asem

Garang asem Pekalongan very much different from fierce asem Kudus using clear gravy. In appearance is almost similar to Pindang Tetel which has black sauce because it is equally made from processed kluwek, but Garang asem usually more fresh and dilute because it uses tomatoes. The most famous Garang Asem is Garang Asem Masduki in Pekalongan City Square.

Kluban Bothok

The delicious vegetable vapor mixed with vegetable lodeh, tahu, and tempe. Spicy and biting. Coupled with kriuknya sand crackers who usually accompany the meals are usually served with banana leaves. You can find it in Ambo Kembang and Pekajangan area ..Roast Chicken

Spiced chicken roasted and then given a gravy of red and spicy coconut milk, and slices of cucumber and cabbage as fresh vegetables. It will be a delicious meal in the heat of the day. The best Chicken Roast can be found in Wiradesa, Pekalongan District.

Tahlil Coffee

Spice coffee that has a unique taste, fresh, and warm the body. It used to be only served to accompany the people who are bertahlil, that's why this coffee is called tahlil coffee. But now, this coffee has been sold freely, and can be found in every corner of the City. Which recommended for you, Coffee tahlil PPIP. That is a special culinary line from the City and Pekalongan Regency that you deserve to try.

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