Two Forest City in City Center Bekasi So Favorite Weekend

Two Forest City in City Center Bekasi So Favorite Weekend

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[/ caption] TWO FORESTS OF CITY IN Bekasi City is the forest / city park of Bekasi Town Square and Bina Bangsa City Forest in Komplek Stadri Patriot Bhagasasi other than as Green Open Space (RTH) and the lungs of the city, recently became the city's favorite location for weekend or just kongkow-kongkow.

Both urban forests continue to be enhanced and built in several public areas such as WiFi and children's playgrounds as part of the 1000 park program. Even in the forest of Bina Bangsa city there are outbound activities and walking trek.


As the green open space of Taman Kota Bekasi Square becomes a cheap recreational place or just take off fatigue. Located on Jalan Raya Veteran, Desa Margahayu, South Bekasi is always crowded by people especially during the weekend holiday. If at night a variety of cheap culinary offerings can be obtained by visitors lesehan way.

Development of the lungs of this city in accordance with Government Regulation Republic of Indonesia Number 63 Year 2002 About Forest City. Urban forests are important for ecological balance, maintaining air cleanliness, maintaining groundwater availability, flooding, living places of various species, as well as recreational facilities for free.

On December 2, 2012 Park city of Bekasi City Square was inaugurated by mayor Rahmat Effendi. At that time, the inauguration was marked by the release of 50 pigeons and the planting of productive trees. In the green open space there are more than 300 shady trees so it looks beautiful. Other facilities are park benches, shelter, and lighting, free WiFi and reading park for children as part of Bekasi City to city worthy of children.

Since it opened as a recreation area, Bekasi Town Square Park is always crowded by people. Usually visitors come for a picnic or a walk to enjoy the green scenery in the middle of the city. In an area of ??two hectares there are also pigeons or finches. There is a pedestrian track for walking or jogging.

Taman Alun-alun is managed by the Environmental Management Agency (BPLH) of Bekasi City. To visit Bekasi Square Park is very easy because it is located in the center of the city that is exactly in front of Al-Barkah Grand Mosque.

BPLH Bekasi City continues to develop Taman Alun-alun to be more beautiful and become the center of community of the city. Currently there are several communities that gather in the Garden Square like Orkesta, photography and indie music or some groups of motorcycle lovers from bebrgai brands who gather to form a community.

In the Park Town Square Bekasi also available seats scattered in all corners and pendopo built exactly in the middle of the park. There is also a fish pond with various fish in it. This location became a young idol for self-talk and chatting while enjoying a culinary lined up beside the park.

For those who hoby to play ball the visitors try the sports field in the middle of the plaza commonly used as a means of soccer sport or ceremony place on the big day of national.Exactly in the middle of Bekasi Town Square in front of Metro Bekasi City Police Station, there is a monument that stands dashing as a symbol of Patriotism of the People of Bekasi. The monument was named Tugu Resolusi Rakyat Bekasi. This monument became a marker and witness the establishment of the administrative area of ??Bekasi which was separated from Jatinegara, DKI Jakarta during the turbulent period. However, unfortunately the condition of the monument is less well maintained look dull and overgrown with grass on both sides. It needs serious attention Bekasi City Government to beautify the historical monument.

Bina Bangsa City Forest continues to be rehabilitated and repaired here and there. Currently the backfill is underway to be installed on the path of the pendistrian path. Located in the heart of Bekasi City, Bina Bangsa City Forest is located in Patriot Stadium area, GOR Patriot and Bekasi City Shoes Wheel on Jenderal Ahmad Yani Street No. 1, Kayuringinjaya Village, South Bekasi Subdistrict, Bekasi City.

The extent of about 3 hectares is also managed by BPLH Kota Bekasi. The total number of trees growing in the urban forest reaches 7,653 trees with 23 variants. Two small lakes have also been rehabilitated and built a compost house to recycle the leaf litter from fallen trees so it can be used as fertilizer.

Exactly in the middle of the park is the Tugu Perjuangan Rakyat of Bekasi, with the relief of the struggle of the people of Bekasi, the poem of Ckairil Anwar Karawan-Bekasi exactly in the middle of the pond. The front of the monument there is a small field can for sports activities. There are sports and swing instruments that are partially damaged.

During the holidays and forest weekend this city is visited by many citizens. Currently looks quite clean and comfortable but unfortunately a lot of cementers who interfere with visitors and street vendors who are less hygiene when it has been prepared trash cans.

Unfortunately the power cord is so low that it makes the visitor less comfortable and still minimal lighting when night. It needs serious attention to the city's forest park can be utilized residents until the evening until 22:00. It needs to be suspected Satpol PP officers to maintain security and provide comfort for visitors.

The City Government of Bekasi programmed to build 1000 parks this year 2016. Currently existing parks are, Taman Kota Alun-Alun Bekasi (South Bekasi), Forest of Bina Bangsa City (South Bekasi); Pekayon Green Park (South Bekasi); Taman Cut Mutia Terminal (East Bekasi).

While being rehabilitated or built is Bantargebang Park (Kec Bantargebang), Taman Kec Bekasi Utara, Taman Subdistrict Office of Mustikajaya Subdistrict, West Bekasi District Office, Pondokgede, Rawalumbu and Jatisampurna as well as Taman Jatasih Campground. (From various sources).

[caption caption = "Children's playground but dear garbage is still scattered."]

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