Two Indonesian teams represent Asia in the World Energy Efficient Car Race

Two Indonesian teams represent Asia in the World Energy Efficient Car Race

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Two teams of Indonesian students proved their best achievement in the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Drivers World Championship (DWC) 2017 held in London, England. Weather factor, heavy rain, make the final round stopped in the middle of the road, in the race between the best energy-efficient cars from around the world.

The SEM DWC festival lasts four days, May 25-28, 2017. Two Indonesian teams, the 2nd Bengawan 2 team from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta and ITS 2 team from the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, advanced to the grand final, even representing Asia.

The success of this grand final round passed through, after escaping from the qualifying round. Like the first qualification, a detailed inspection of 12 technical aspects of the vehicle. Then passes in the Dynamic Brake Test qualification, which the participating vehicle must go through the test phase by spurring the vehicle up to a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour and should be discontinued within 20 meters.

Then qualifying qual lap, which is the same process as qualifying lap racing car. The team's vans one by one counted their best time laps in one lap to determine the order in which the race. In this stage, both Indonesian teams have put in the best effort, even though they do not succeed in occupying the position of three fastest teams.

"We are still curious before we can fly the red and white flag on the Drivers World Championship stage, we have confidence that we will be the winners, even though we started in the back of the sequel based on qualifying laps," said Bhima Poetra Perdana, Team Manager of ITS Team 2, in a release on, Wednesday (31/5).

Stopped because of Rain
In the grand final round, there was heavy rain so the committee decided to stop the action of UrbanConcept car drivers from Asia, America and Europe, although the race has entered the second lap. Consideration of safety factor of the driver to the attention of the committee that decided to stop the race.

This racing action stalled on lap 2 of 4 planned laps. Vehicles from 8 competing student teams failed to complete the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park race track in London with limited energy to travel through the 6.7 kilometer track.

The committee finally decided the selection of winners based on the results of qualifying laps. For DWC 2017, Saint Thomas Academy Experimental Vehicle Team Alpha (USA) is entitled to the first prize. Furthermore, La Joliverie Polytech Nantes (France) and Knights 3 Alden-Conger High School (USA), ranked second and third.

Despite failing to achieve the best results, both teams of Indonesian students can still smile. For them the struggle to realize their dream has not paid off. Can compete up to London, feels like a dream. If we do not qualify for the final of the Drivers World Championship, it will probably never be here. We are very grateful to Shell for the tremendous opportunity that has been given to us, said Bhima Poetra Perdana, Manager of ITS Team 2.

"Upon our return from London, so much we can tell our friends and family in the country, we believe this experience will also be very useful to us as we progress our careers, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. again to the DWC Final and win! " he said.

The same statement was made by Muhammad Ivan Fadhil, Non-Technical Lead from Bengawan Team (UNS). He feels an unforgettable experience, can compete in one race track with teams champions from Europe and America."We are proud to be carrying our alma mater name and country name.While during the qualifying period we went through, some technical problems on the car happened but we can handle it and keep thinking calmly We believe we can achieve the best We are disappointed not to come out as winners in Drivers World Championship, but we keep the spirit and we are confident of being able to return to the DWC Finals next year! " specifically.

Indonesian teams have competed in the SEM Asia event since its first year of operation in 2010 at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia to SEM Asia 2017 in Singapore. During the eight years of SEM Asia, Indonesian student teams have successfully achieved achievements in both the urban concept and prototype categories and the various sub-categories of energy sources and incised record-breaking achievements.

The success of these Indonesian teams can not be separated from their hard work and seriousness in the face of this prestigious and legendary annual competition. Determination to be the best and reach for the highest podium has been embedded in the chest of each team member. They successfully complete all the qualifying stages with great satisfaction. Indonesian student teams are a team with UrbanConcept vehicles that are conventional four-wheeled vehicles that are energy-efficient.

For information, in 2017, Shell Eco-marathon Europe is part of the Make the Future Live program. The program is a global campaign that invites, encourages and engages people from different groups around the world to engage in searching for solutions that can address future energy challenges. The Shell Eco-marathon Drivers' World Championship is an essential element of the Make the Future global program that specifically engages young people and students to take a proactive role by designing, creating and driving energy-efficient cars. [ega]

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