Two rafflesia flowers bloom in Bengkulu

Two rafflesia flowers bloom in Bengkulu

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Two rafflesia flowers (Rafflesia Arnoldi) bloom in the forest area of ??Central Bengkulu and Kepahiang, Bengkulu. The two raffles appear in two different places.

"One flower blooms at Taba Penanjung Reserve and one in the Bukit Daun Protected Forest," said Coordinator of Puspa Rangka Community Bengkulu Sofian Ramadhan in Bengkulu, as quoted by Antara, Monday (11/11).

He said the blooming flowers at Taba Penanjung Reserve have entered the third day and can still be enjoyed by visitors. Forest area located on the roadside cross the city of Bengkulu-Kepahiang makes visitors more easily see these rare flowers.

Locals who find and keep the flowers also make a sign of a simple information board about the blooming rafflesia flowers. While one flower that will bloom in HL Bukit Daun area of ??Kepahiang Regency will bloom in the next three days.

"For tourists who want to see the uniqueness of the largest rare flower in the world there are still three more days," he said.

The rafflesia flower at HL Bukit Daun is also routinely supervised by the care group of rare puspa from Tebat Monok Village, Kepahiang Sub-district. Ramadan said in addition to the two blooms, in these two locations also found a number of stumps or prospective rafflesia flowers are expected to bloom alternately.

In addition to rafflesia flowers, a rare puspa care group in Kepahiang Regency also raises other rare flowers, namely carrion flower, or local name called kibut flower.

Coordinator of the rare dungeon care group Tebat Monok, Holidin said one flower type of Amorphopalus titanum is expected to bloom next month. "We expect to bloom in a month, because there is already a flower coming," he said. [hhw]

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