Typical Japanese Sakura Flowers Can Now Be Enjoyed in Ancol

Typical Japanese Sakura Flowers Can Now Be Enjoyed in AncolLiputan6.com, Jakarta The beauty of cherry blossoms no doubt. Flower typical of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, it always sucks the attention of everyone who saw it.

The beautiful color and beautiful flower falling make everyone who goes to Japan certainly do not miss the moment to see firsthand cherry blossoms and take pictures ria.

Not necessarily all the way to Japan, now you can see firsthand cherry blossoms in Ancol area. Sunday (16/8), for the first time PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Tbk together with the Alumni Association of Civil Engineering (IKATEKSI) Diponegoro University planted cherry blossoms at the location of Ocean Ecopark Ancol.

A total of 500 seeds of cherry seeds of this IKATEKSI will be planted in the Ancol region, dozens of seedlings among them have been planted in a location not far from the entrance of Ocean Ecopark Ancol.

"We are very open with the good intentions of colleagues from Diponegoro University to preserve the environment together with Ancol Dreamland Park," said Arif Nugroho, Director of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Tbk

Arif said the existence of cherry blossoms will certainly provide knowledge and more value to the visitors.

"This cherry blossom is very beautiful when it grows.This will be very good for us and the visitors, so do not have to go to Japan because here also exist.For future we will cultivate.If the first cherry tree is first planted it will be able to give education and learning for students and the general public, "explained Arif.

Not only the cherry blossoms, Ancol and Undip also planted a rare tree from Sulawesi, namely the Black Timber tree known as Eboni.

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