UK Secretly Arrange Plans to Fight North Korea

UK Secretly Arrange Plans to Fight North Korea

Image source:, London – Britain is reportedly preparing a plan in the face of a possible outbreak of war around the North Korean issue. The preparation comes amid North Korean rhetoric that wants to send missiles to the United States and the threat of counter-military action from Uncle Sam's country.

In addition, the last few days, North Korea is also being watched closely by a number of countries, such as Britain and the United States. They are worried, Pyongyang will again test missile on Tuesday tomorrow, coinciding with the founding of Worker's Party of Korea, the superpower party there. Similarly, as quoted by the Telegraph, Monday (09/10/2017).

The aggressive rhetoric brought by US President Donald Trump has further heightened tensions over North Korea's issues, as well as opening up the potential for war between the two countries.

On a number of potential armed conflicts and possible hostilities related to the situation, the UK is reportedly preparing a military option in response. The report was first presented by the United Kingdom media, the Daily Mail.

According to the report, one step London will take is to ship their latest carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

"We have a lot of ships to ship, Type-45 Destroyers, Type-23 Frigates. (And) The newest British aircraft carriers can be sent for early service in case of a bad situation," the senior defense ministry's senior adviser told the Daily Mail. from the Telegraph.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, or as the official calls it the 'newest British aircraft carrier', has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 36 F35B Stealth Fighters or some other military aviation alutsista.

The ship, which just docked in Portsmouth last August after a test voyage, has not been scheduled to operate until 2020.

However, the potential of the vessel to operate early as one of the options of the British military response to the North Korean issue may well have occurred. Remember, the United Kingdom had done exactly that in the 1982 Falklands War.

"At the time of the Falklands War, we had to react to an event, and HMS Illustrious was accelerated to be assigned as a form of response," a British Navy source told the Daily Mail.

"The operation in Falkland is a form of response to protect British territory, and if in the case of North Korea, Britain may join the global coalition, then we will help what we can do."On Saturday last week, President Trump signaled plans to choose a military option against Kim Jong-un regime, saying, "there is only one way".

"Various presidents and governments have been trying to talk to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and large sums of money paid (but) unsuccessful The agreement is broken, ink has dried up, and various US negotiators have been fooled Sorry, but there is only one way which will work !, "the president said in his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump.

He also said he would destroy North Korea, if necessary, to protect Uncle Sam's country and its allies from North Korea's nuclear threat.

Last week, Sir Michael Fallon, British Defense Secretary, said Britain should increase military spending to deal with threats from North Korea. The reason, because London was not spared from the threat of Pyongyang missiles.

"The US has the right to defend its own territory, its military base and its citizens, but we are closer to being able to reach missiles (North Korea) than Los Angeles," said Sir Michael Fallon.

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