Unique Engaged Photo Ala Beyonce Video Clip

Unique Engaged Photo Ala Beyonce Video Clip

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Vemale.com – Many couples want to mark their love moments in a unique and unforgettable way. One of these couples, which the man is willing to wear tight clothes like Beyonce.

The couple has been dating for 9 years and want to mark her engagement with her boyfriend like Beyonce's Single Ladies. Couple named Elizabeth Ho and her lover, Ira Heinichen is agreed to make a unique video. They also took photographer Argeesht Mirzakhanian to be able to realize the photo of the Beyonce-style engagement.

Beyonce's fiancee photo (c) dailymail.co.uk

To prepare for making this unique photo, Elizabeth must train her lover to be able to stand on wedges high. Not to mention he should pose a la Beyonce style with a super tight clothes. Recently the picture uploaded in Reddit, has emerged controversy photo.

Elizabeth and Ira made their fianc� pictures in a unique way (c) dailymail.co.uk

Well, this photo does give the impression of silly, but actually still funny and interesting. Moreover, this couple was deliberately making their engagement photos with a unique style and different. One commentator wondered with the photo, "He's been waiting 9 years just to marry a gay man?"

Seriously made a Beyonce-style engagement photo (c) dailymail.co.uk

Well, if to have fun, anything could be possible. Every couple really wants every moment of their love can be enjoyed both. However, there are also couples who dedicate their dream wedding for good.

Well, the more exciting ya couple today? If you have a unique moment with your partner too, Ladies?

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