Unique Hobby Collecting Stamps

Unique Hobby Collecting Stamps

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta: The unique hobby of collecting stamps has long captivated Yusak's heart. This married man claimed to have been a stamp or philatelic collector since the age of 7 years. Yusak loves marine-themed stamps complete with ships. There is a reason for Yusak collecting stamps of the nautical world.
"I own his profession after an adult working on the ship," he said. In addition, Yusak assessed there are still many maritime wealth of the archipelago that has not been raised to the surface. Of the many stamp collections, Yusak greatly loves the stamps of Indies Nederland. "[My collection] is actually a documentation of the country, and our country has several governments: First Indies Nederland, then Japanese colonialism, that's all the expensive stamps." explains Yusak.

Yusak also has an example of the first stamp in Indonesia output 1864. He also has a sample of the world's first Black Penny stamp that appeared in 1840. The picture shows the face of Queen Victoria with the price of a penny nominal unit and is dominated by black. That's why this stamp is known as Black Penny.

Yusak's hobby turned out to be infectious to his children. Titin, one of Yusak's sons, said he liked to collect fish-themed stamps. "I always like to fish, and if you see stamps like fish looking at aquarium fish," said Titin.

Ana, another daughter of Yusak, said it was not possible to sell the stamps she collected. "If it can be two [series of stamps] may be sold, but if only one, I think to make dikolekasi aja deh," said Ana.

Not difficult for people who pursue this hobby to satisfy the heart of stamp hunting. If there is enough money, Jakarta Philatelic Office or old building former Post Office Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, provides various kinds of philatelic objects. Philatelic fans are also spoiled by the stamps as a sign of a new stamp being launched.

Some post office and Jakarta Philatelic Office also provide a list of new published stamps. In those places there is information published date. "They can buy as published," explained Yanto, staff of Jakarta Philatelic Office.

Now in the country there are many who pursue this hobby. No wonder there is Indonesian Philatelic Society. Currently there are about 27 managers of this organization in various regions. Terms of membership is also easy to fill out the form and submit the passport photo. "Then they went to the gathering," Yanto said.

The Jakarta Philatelic Office also sells old stamps. The price is also quite expensive. A local official said most philatelists are hunting for old stamps with sports, flora fauna and airplanes. His name is also old stamps, so be careful before buying. "Must be in good condition, not folded, not dirty, and not torn," said Yanto.

Yanto also kept the signatures of a number of presidents and former Indonesian presidents on the cover of stamps such as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Soeharto, B.J. Habibie, and Megawati Sukarnoputri. "Usually if there is a new postage stamp, the launch is associated with certain events, so we often ask Mr. President for the launching signature," Yanto said. The plan of Pos Indonesia will also broadcast the 2006 World Cup stamp series. (MAK / Dora Multasari)

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