United States and Russia Unite in Halal Expo 2017

United States and Russia Unite in Halal Expo 2017You may not believe in the above title, which may be a politically politicized country like the "bitter enemy" since the end of the second world war and continued with the cold war until falling communist and the collapse of the Soviet Union to pieces, into several countries with the main heirs of Russia.

Then why the United States like ujug-ujug join Halal Expo in Moscow? This is interesting here, why? Because it was only in Halal Expo to VIII (eight) that the United States participated, then what is so special about it? The Halal to VIII Expo is held in Sokolniki no 4 building, located not far from Sokolniki Metro Station, approximately 10 minutes walk from this station to Expo Halal.

There are some differences between Halal Expo this time with previous expos. Viewed from the visitors, who participate somewhat downhill, maybe because this time more to the business people who attend, because the items on display, most, more precisely for samples or samples alone, although there are also that can be purchased at the exhibition. Expo held on 16-18 November 2017, 3 days only, from last Thursday – Saturday.

In the midst of a thin snowfall, the event went on. Because inside the building that is the arena for all kinds of exhibits, do not worry about getting wet. Oya, the countries that participated in the exhibition started from Russia, which hosted the implementation of the Russian Mufti Council, followed by our country Indonesia with three booths, Malaysia, Brunia Darussalam, South Korea, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Turky and others .

What is interesting is that South Korea also participates, which is clearly a predominantly Muslim country. So it is with the United States, under the government of Donald Trump, who is hostile to Islam with the light of reason to fight terrorists, especially against countries like Iran, Iraq and others. But this time the United States participated in the Halal Expo exhibition. Apparently political affairs with economic affairs can be separated.

Russia and the United States can be reconciled or united in Islam. The other proof they can reconcile as in MTQ International, United States always participate in the MTQ held in Russia, which this year has been running to XVIII (eighteen), organized in October 2017 ago, that means Russia has 18 years organizing MTQI, extraordinary. Try who would have thought that in this former communist country it has regularly organized MTQI and Halal Expo every year.

Anyway, there is another interesting part of this Halal Expo exhibition, that is, with the presence of Syria, which we all know, the country is in a civil war, between the government and the opposition, a country that when we look on the television news, both on the BBC , Euronews, NTV, DTV and so on, also on Russian TV 1, 3, 4, 5. That's the number of TV stations in Russia, strange? No TV station number 2 in Russia, ask why? There used to be a second digit that is 2X2 TV station, still be read 4 yes right? Well on the TVs Syria seems to be in the news of destruction, but at the Halal Expo exhibition is not seen at all, even Syria is probably a lot of money, because some booths in the exhibition was driven by Syria.

It may even be the only stand that displays the photo of his president, only in the Syria booth, in other booths nonexistent. Take the example in three booths of Indonesia no photos of President Jokowi. In Saudi Arabia stand stand there is no photo of King Salman, as well as in the stand of the United States no photos Donald Trump and so forth.

This seems to be a political side as well to show visitors to the Halal Expo in Moscow that Syria is not as grim as its news, the evidence is that they can attend the Expo Halal exhibition in all its splendor, whereas other countries, such as South Korea, for example, occupy only a small exhibition space, -the size of about one meter.

Well if told everything can be lengthy nih. But obviously I am proud of this exs communist country is embracing Islam, already 8 thousand mosques stand in Russia, more than 50 ethnic Muslims in Russia, there are 6 Islamic University, more than 100 education centers in Russia and more 1 million publicating in Russia, no less than 25 million Muslims in Russia. You may wonder how quickly it is the development of Islam in Russia?

Do not forget in history, Islam has entered Russia more than 1000 years ago, precisely Islam has entered into Derbent in 642 and in Bolgar in 922. So Islamic relations in Russia already existed in the early years of Hijri. So when the communist era of the Soviet Union destroyed Islam for 70 years may be totally failed, physically building like Mosque or Madrasah is many that destroyed or used as warehouse, but communist can not break hearts and minds of Muslims!And now it is proven, in just a matter of two decades, since the destruction of the Soviet Union in 1991 (I became one of the direct historical witnesses, for I was there when the failed coup, the communist coup, the three-day coup 19-21 August 1991, I also felt the curfew from 18.00 WM to 06.00 WM) that time, which has become a modern history for Russia.

Now thousands of mosques are built in Russia, not to mention counted in former Soviet Union countries, such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and others, the number of mosques is not thousands, but hundreds of thousands. Incredible, alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar! Thereby.

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