United States Trump Cancel So President

United States Trump Cancel So PresidentDonald Trump won the American presidential election. During the Trump campaign it conveys controversial and frightening things to the American people and to the world.

Donald Trump is considered fascist and racist. His victory was greeted with a demo of rejection in various corners of American cities.

Demonstration of the elected president's rejection accompanied by widespread unrest in various cities is unprecedented in American history.

The demo continues to be a riot, arson, destruction and looting that is widespread and widespread.

In fact, Trump opponents who are anti-fascist policies are actually acting anarchically against the results of democratic elections and riots that spread throughout the United States.

The behavior of Trump's opposing outrage was resisted by Trump's supporters who were mostly hard-liners.

The American people who have been watching only all sorts of riot demonstrations in other countries are now enjoying themselves the sensation of rioting, burning, destroying and pillaging.

Beginning with the shooting of several security officers at the beginning of the riots, continued firing between protesters and among residents. The possession of free firearms in America makes the situation worse.

The immigrant population flocked out of America with fear. The real sector of economic activity supported by immigrant labor becomes stagnant.

The situation becomes chaos, economic activity is disrupted, activities of everyday life are chaotic. The American economy buoyed by the capital market derivatives bubble collapsed until it was finally stopped.

During the process of collapse the situation of the American state high-ranking military leaders took over the situation and imposed martial law and formed the Council of American Savior.When Arab Spring spreading in the Middle East topple the leaders of military dictators to change with chaotic democracy, which in turn happened in America.

America demolished and turned into a military dictatorship. A thing that had never before imagined, as Trump's victory in the Presidential Election also no one thought.

The presence of a military dictatorship government accepted the American people who are experiencing horror chaos.

Proven democracy adopted during this failed to satisfy the expectations of the American people. Precisely at the end resulted in the election of a leader like Donald Trump who is regarded without capabilities and dangerous.

Where could America's greatest superpower be laughed off by the world led by a celebrity clown who greeted the joy of an enemy country of America and worried about its allies.

The world and humanity are also in danger because the nuclear button is in his hands.

As a result Donald Trump who won the 2016 US Presidential Election failed to become president to 45.

Barrack Obama became the first black president and the last president of the United States.

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