US Imam from Indonesia called America betrayed Osama Bin Ladin

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The high priest of the Islamic Center in New York City, USA from Indonesia, Shamsi Ali expressed his views on the phenomenon of the Islamic State group for Iraq and Sham (ISIS). He thinks the extremists look like al Qaeda under Osama bin Laden's command. Both have the same essence that is the formation of the United States.

Ali says Al Qaeda is formed and is present in Afghanistan backed by America through Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. "So the funding that gave the weapon was American, but then what Bin Laden demanded was not met by the Americans," Ali said.

One of Bin Laden's demands that America can approach even pressing the Saudis to open political access for him and his family. This is difficult because Saudi is a royal state.

"It is unlikely that Yemeni descent can have a political opportunity in Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden is a Yemeni descendant, not a Saudi but a wealthy man," Ali added.

However, America does not meet these demands. Being betrayed by Al Qaeda made America the main target of their terrorist acts.

"ISIS is also the case.ISIS is actually formed because there is concern that the new Iraqi government with Shi'ite or Shi'ite Shia is supported by Iran, it is necessary to form a group to compensate for it," Ali said. ISIS is also used when it wants to depose Syrian President Basyar al Assad. Ali said the funds and weapons used by extremists were supplied from countries with weapons factories.

"Is ISIS having a factory for money there? They own a weapon factory there, where they are from, it is impossible if not from the West, it is impossible if not from a country that has a weapon supplier there," Ali said.

Ali reminded every Muslim to be careful of the ISIS phenomenon that argued for forming a new Caliphate in the world. "It is a very dangerous intelligence trap, every phenomenon that happens in this world must be really we are jelly and open the eyes what is really behind it all," said Ali.

For the ISIS phenomenon, Ali dares to assert that ISIS is the enemy of the people of Prophet Muhammad SAW. In addition to ISIS's destruction of the positive view of Islam that has been built for years in America, ISIS has also killed prisoners despite the Muslim captives.

"I dare say that they are enemies of Islam, the last one who was murdered was the Muslims themselves.American who converted to Islam, his name was Peter Kassig was murdered," Ali said. [din]

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