Valued Disturbing the Freedom of Worship, the Government of Saudi Arabia Banned Selfie in Places of Worship

Valued Disturbing the

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Going to the Holy Land and fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam is, of course, an essential goal of every Muslim who goes Umrah and Hajj. With a variety of technological advances that seem to shorten the distance and time, the journey of Umrah and Hajj become more affordable and comfortable compared to the time of our ancestors first. But for most people, traveling to the Holy Land is still a lifetime journey that is priceless. In addition to queuing for years, many have to save a lifetime to realize the dream journey.

So it is not strange that anyone who has the opportunity to perform Umrah or Hajj in Saudi Arabia, would want to capture those special moments. But now it is a debate. Along with the proliferation of smartphone usage, more and more people are selfie in places of worship in Mecca and Medina. It turns out that many parties who feel the trend of self-haj pilgrim or umrah disrupt the religious worship. Unmitigated, the government of Saudi Arabia even to issue an official ban for not self-self in those places.

It's hard to disrupt worship, but a dilemma if it's really forbidden to make documentation. Let's see more info with Hipwee News & Feature!

The debate over selfies in places of worship has actually been going on for several years now. The Saudi government is now sending an official ban through diplomatic letters

As reported by Tempo, on November 12, 2017, the Saudi government announced a selfie ban through diplomatic letters addressed to friendly countries or countries of origin of pilgrims such as Indonesia. This prohibition is particularly applicable in the main worship areas of the Ka'ba, the Grand Mosque, and the Nabawi Mosque. In recent years, similar restrictions have been applied and revoked until the delivery of diplomatic letters yesterday.

This policy clearly reap the pros and cons. From the right of the congregation to documenting the most important moments in life, but of course the solemnity of worship should not be disturbed

This policy clearly invites the pros and cons, either within Saudi Arabia itself or from the international community. In addition to disturbing other congregations who may actually want to be solemn, self-empowered and upload photos of worship to various social media even by some circles are considered to damage the principle of simplicity of Hajj.

But clearly there are also many people who cons because it has been photographed it was actually never banned during the hajj. Even the Indonesian religious leaders who also served as Chairman of the MUI, Din Syamsudin, assess the ban is less precise. According to him, the congregation should still be allowed to perpetuate the monumental events in his life as when facing the Ka'ba. But of course, still according to Din Syamsudin, the congregation should not be excessive in selfie especially if the goal is just for riya or just show.

The ban on swafoto activities is not just in Saudi Arabia alone. There are several places that prohibit selfie also for different reasons

In Garoupe, France, visitors who vacation on the beach is strictly prohibited to take pictures let alone upload it to social media. They named this beach environment as No Braggies Zone which means distraction-free area ie selfie. Garoupe is one of the best coastal neighborhoods in France and its managers want the visitors to fully enjoy their vacation without the hassle of berselfie and upload content that keeps those at home annoyed.

Besides berswafoto is also prohibited in Pamplona, ??Spain when the bull festival takes place. Not without reason, this ban is the purpose to protect human life. Often the person who sibuka berswafoto and perpetuate the moment just neglected to the dangers that he was facing. Participants who follow this bull festival should concentrate fully to avoid the bull, if not necessarily the bets of life can float.It turns out that a selfie selfish thing can cause a lot of debate in the world. What we might consider as rights or freedom in modern times, can actually disturb others until even considered to damage the value of worship. Actually the main principle should not be excessive and consider the situation and conditions around. Yes mutual tolerance aja.

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