Various comments for BRG institute made by President Jokowi

Various comments forCenter for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) researcher Herry Purnomo asked the Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) to not only take care of the technicalities of planting trees. Therefore, the occurrence of forest fires and land is not a matter of planting but how to prevent from burning.

"They are just working, starting from the mapping, hopefully they besides restoring also prevent it.I have seen its direction a lot of restoration, but fire prevention is a lot of things, not just restoring the burning but the good, the unburnt must also be prevented," Herry said in response to the inauguration of the secretary and 4 Deputy of the Agency for the Restoration of Peat (BRG) by BRG Head Nazir Foead in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/2).

Regarding the independence of BRG which also receives foreign funding, according to Herry, it is returned to BRG and the government.

"When we donate that there will be interest, but depending on how strong we are, if we are weak will be a month-to-month, but if we are strong not (will be month-month) also, if you do not want this, do not have to help, as simple that, "he explained.

Herry hopes, in his journey later the newly formed body by President Jokowi in mid-January 2016 can run in accordance with the mission set, not become weak and have a clear direction and not dependent on the donor.

Environmental and Forestry Observer from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, Ricky Avenzora rate, BRG target in restoring peatlands will be difficult to achieve.

"For this year, their budget is not yet available and so far they have to struggle with the game rules offered by the donor countries," he said, adding that the 30 percent target that will be the burden of their performance this year will not be achieved.

Whatever the calculations used, according to Ricky, the state will not be able to undertake the process of forest rehabilitation with that approach. Donor funds will also never be sufficient and continuous to finance the existing needs.

"So far, there has not been a single state success in rehabilitating forests by government apparatuses, as well as with donor country work programs that include NGO networks," he said.

In view of Ricky Avenzora, the evidence of success in the process of forest rehabilitation is actually shown by palm oil companies and HTI. Various abandoned areas of alang-alang, bush or secondary forest have been successfully re-greened by oil palm companies and HTI. Its biodiversity is also continuously enhanced through the High Conservation Value (HCV) liability scheme and associated environmental certifications.

"To achieve this, the government should embrace the related companies.The financial potential of various oil palm companies and HTI in Indonesia is far more than enough to green all the abandoned forest areas so far.Remember that the burden of the state not only covers 2 million hectares is the responsibility of BRG, but reaches 37 million hectares damaged by the mistakes of environmental politics in the past, "he concluded. [idr]

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