Various Things That Cause Essential Oil Changed Colors

Various Things That Cause Essential Oil Changed – In addition to providing benefits for beauty, essential oils can also benefit the body. So great the benefits of essential oil make a lot of women who are interested and have at least one type of essential oil at home. But you also need to pay attention to the storage, yes. Because of the benefits, essential oil also needs to be placed in a good and stable place. If any store is not impossible essential oil will be oxidized to reduce the usefulness. The condition of oxidized essential oils not only produces different odors but also the irritating effects on the skin if used topically. In addition, if enabled as a diffuser, essential oils that have been oxidized can cause irritation of the mucous membranes. Seeing the dangers, of course, the rules of storage and the life of this product so important and need to be understood. In order for your essential oil to stay awake and avoid the oxidation, try to refer to various factors that can reduce the quality following.


Essential oil consists of light molecules that are easily contaminated with oxygen. Or you could say oxygen is a great enemy of essential oil. Every time you use and open the lid, air will enter the bottle. Over time, oxygen will react to essential oils and alter the scent and eliminate the important compounds present in it. A study once revealed the content of monoterpenes in lemon essential oil was reduced by 66% after a routine exposure to air or oxygen for 12 months. To prevent oxidation effects the selection of packaging quality also needs to be considered. Try selecting essential oil with a screw-cap cap shape to keep the product cap after opening is good. In addition, if the essential oil product you use is little, try moving on a bottle that has a smaller size so there is not much room left on the packaging.


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Lighting especially UV rays can damage the quality of essential oils, so keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight and excessive light. In addition, good essential oils are usually present in dark glass bottles like brown or blue. Through the book by Robert Tisserand entitled Essential Oil Safety, a study showed, when sweet orange essential oil exposed to UV rays for 50 minutes, the content of essential oil has changed the composition even there are 12 new chemical compounds that appear. This proves that the lighting factor has a major influence on changes in the quality of essential oils.

Hot temperature

Hot temperature can also affect the quality and appearance of essential oils, generally volatile compounds in essential oil will quickly evaporate if they are at high temperatures, in addition to the type of essential oil extracted with CO2 also has a tendency to evaporate and break if exposed to high temperatures. If you do not have an essential oil shelf or sealed box, the refrigerator can be one of the ideal places to store essential oils, because stable temperature conditions make the essential oil quality stay. Store essential oils in temperatures ranging from 5-10C. If you want to use it should remove the product 12 hours before use so that essential oil can adjust to room temperature, then shake before use so that each particle blends well before use.


The last thing that can affect the quality of essential oil is of course its use. Despite the natural ingredients, but esential oil also has a lifetime especially when the packaging is opened. For high levels of essential oil sesquiterpen generally have a lifetime for 8-10 years, this type of essential oil is, ylang ylang, cedarwood, patchouli, myrrh, ginger, and German Chamomile. Then the type of esssential oil that is high in monoterpen content has an ideal life for 4-5 years. The types are; Lemon, Sweet Orange, Siberian Fir, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Bergamot, etc. The average essential oil has a life span of 2-15 years, but it can also change with storage and environmental conditions. It should be noted, if essential oil changes the scent and appearance of different colors, you should immediately get rid of or throw it away, because these two things are an indication if essential oil has been oxidized.

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