Visit Marmion Marine Park, Australia’s First Marine Park

Visit Marmion Marine Park, Australia's First Marine ParkWe have just returned from a visit to the first Marine Park in Western Australia, named: Marmion Marine Park. Not bad road walk on the beach with the air around 32 degrees Celsius, it's been since prolonged thirst. But because we are getting used to, if it had been planned, should not be postponed, just because of scorching heat or heavy rains.

What is the heat of 32-34 degrees Celsius, compared, when we were for hours in the Pinnacles Desert, which is a 4 -5 hour drive from downtown. If it's to the Mamion Marine, the car is not so long it feels. Especially while driving to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Marmion Marine Park is a protected area along and off the north coast of Perth, Western Australia and since 1987, declared the first Marine Park in Western Australia. According to the information that can be read on the inscription here, the extent reaches more than 10 thousand hectares.

The distance is only about 30 minutes drive from the city of Joondalup Satellite. There is a beautiful limestone limestone reef. However, because it is covered by a layer of soil and grass, it can only be witnessed, if we go down the stairs, which was already prepared there. But because the waves today, big enough, because the wind is blowing hard, then we should be quite satisfied, capture it, from the bottom of the bottom step.

Because this place, have been plastered memo board, not to take risks, walk above or under the coral reef, Because every time, could have collapsed. For those who want to fish or swim, must be willing to walk a few hundred meters longer. Because this path, not to be passed by motor vehicles, motorcycles are no exception.

this location in certain months, such as September and November, is very crowded, because of the opportunity, to see sea lions and dolphins, which again joked fun here. But in summer, they evacuate another location, of course for their convenience.

Free Entrance and Free Parking

In contrast to when we visited the National Park, which is adjacent to the Pinnacles Desert, where there is an obligation to pay admission. While here, everything is free entrance. Also, free parking is available.

Perhaps because the air is quite hot, then this afternoon, the tourists spend more time, shelter under the umbrella of the cafe, while enjoying a cold beer.

The beach is Ordinary, But the Treatment is Extraordinary

If I may judge, the beauty of the beach in our homeland, such as in my yard in the city of Padang or Bay of Bayur, or Bungus Bay, no less beautiful than the Sea Park which became one of the icon for this Western Australia. what is extraordinary and amazing is the way they handle all the means that are here.Such as

paved walkways smooth
declining stairs, down to the beach sand
children play facilities
free drinking water
changing rooms
clean toilets and clean '
no garbage scattered
beautifully cut grass

Our nature is beautiful, but alas, we do not never want to learn, how to sell the beauty of it, to be an attraction for foreign tourists.

Saling Sapa, Fellow Visitors

Interestingly enough, besides enjoying the beauty of marine park Marine Marine Park is, is a habit of greeting each other among visitors. Although they do not know each other, at least, say each other: "Good morning" with a smile. It is trivial and seemingly insignificant, but for those who feel it is really a selling point, so tourists, want to come here again and again. Where there is a bench to sit, so for those who do not like sitting lesehan in rerumputn, can take advantage of this facility.

Almost half of our daily trawling this beach, no one seems to throw garbage. Everyone who brings food and drink, always carry the garbage office, so as not to scatter. In every corner there is a large enough garbage bin provided, For those who want to save money can bring empty bottles, to take cold water from the faucet, which is a facility for the visitors,

This paper, only an input, that the beauty of nature, is like a girl. Although beautiful, but shabby, never bathe, do not take care of themselves, who will be interested? On the other hand, it may be that her face is not very pretty, but it is smart to take care of herself, thus emitting a natural appeal. Well, we have what the other country has, but why not sell? the answer, please here yourself.

Tjiptadinata Effendi

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