VS Talent Talent, Which Is More Important For Success

VS Talent Talent, Which Is More Important For SuccessSuccess is what everyone wants. Gaining career, education and personal life achievements is certainly fun. Some people say that the key to success is the spirit to always work hard. As long as you are persistent work, then eventually you will be successful.

But there are also other opinions that say that hard work alone is never enough. You need a natural talent to be successful. Well loh, which one bener try? If it is just the talent that is needed, people without talent do not have to bother hard work dong. It will not work anyway. Before confused or even broken charcoal, first read this article deh.

During this time we believe that hard work is the key to success

A research conducted about 20 years ago at Florida State University revealed that practice and hard work are the keys to success. American psychologist named K.Anders Ericsson made an observation on the students of a music academy that majored in Biola. It connects student achievement with the amount of time they have dedicated to practicing.

The results of the study show that those who managed to be the best in their generation at the age of 20 years are those who practice diligently. The best violinists spend no less than 10,000 hours to practice. Those who practice mediocre violins for 8,000 hours, while less skilled at playing spend only 5,000 hours to practice.

Malcom Gladwell: You Need at least 10,000 Hours for Experts in Specific Areas

The above findings are also confirmed by Malcom Gladwell in his phenomenal book, Outliers. In the book Gladwell underlines the importance of dedicating at least 10,000 hours of time to practice if someone wants to become an expert in a particular field.

Practicing is not doing something once, then feeling good and quitting. It's exactly what you do that will make you stunning

Gladwell also revealed that the level of intelligence will not help a person to succeed. IQ is a meaningless number.

IQ height is just a number. When a person has reached the cognitive intelligence number 120, then it is. Having an additional IQ above 120 will not make a person better in real job competition

This is what we all believe together: everyone can succeed. Origin willing to work hard.Shocking Findings: What You Need It Turns CUMA Talent

In 2011 the New York Times published a surprising finding that denied all the above facts. David Lubinski and Camilla Benbow, researchers from Vanderbilt University conducted a study on 2,000 young people who could answer 99.9% of SAT tests correctly at the age of 13.

SAT is a standardized test used for admission to American universities. In a SAT test one will be tested for logic skills, critical reading, basic math and academic writing. Those who can get high scores on these tests are usually those with a high IQ. Even psychologist Howard Gardner said the SAT tests differ only slightly from IQ tests.

Lubinski and Benbow follow the development of 2,000 children with almost perfect SAT values. They seek to see the correlation between high SAT scores with achievements in education and the real world of work. The result is enough to make the eyes wide.

Those who answered 99.9% SAT tests correctly at the age of 13 have 3-5 times greater chance of success than those who can only answer 91% of the questions correctly. 2000 this child has more chance to get a doctorate, publish a scientific journal, write a literary work to create something that can be patented.

Influential Talent On Working Memory Capacity

To get more convincing results daily The New York Times conducted further research. The research team experimented on the pianist to remember the song notation, then played it without any prior preparation. 50% of the pianist's skills do come from the amount of time he spent training.

However, those with a natural talent was able to play better though without preparation. If you compare 2 pianists with the same training time, but with different natural talents then who will have better performance to remember notation and play without preparation is he with a natural talent.

It turns out that talent and high IQ have an effect on working memory capacity. Namely the ability to remember information while doing other activities, then perform the command according to the new information. Unmistakable piano player is 7% weaker to remember unknown song notation to play it.

Then, No Need to Work Hard Again Dong If Feel Do not Have Talent?

Debate over talent and hard work is indeed a debate between chicken and eggs. There will be no end. Indeed, sometimes inventions generated by science are not something we want to hear and believe. But hey, that's a fact to be accepted.If you feel like you're about to break the charcoal, you are reluctant to try because you do not have the talent you can see from these people:

1. Tiger Woods

The world's best golf player who started playing golf since the age of 18 months. He was trained very hard by his father who also served as a mentor. Just 18 years later Woods became a proseional golf player at the age of 18 years. If he does not practice hard from the age of 1.5 years could be the name of Tiger Woods never existed in the world of international golf.

2. Michael Jordan

Jordan even lowered his own coach at the age of 10 years. Jordan's height is considered insufficient to become a professional player. He was not even elected to be a top player in his high school league. Although not a natural talent as a basketball player, but hard work that makes Jordan successful. He really dedicates his time to basketball.

Jordan always comes to school early in the morning for training before classes begin. Realizing he was not so tall, Jordan trained hard to have better speed and skill than any other player. When asked about talent, Jordan simply replied:

You can get unparalleled talent through passion and high commitment to keep practicing. Besides talent will only make you win in the game. Being in a match requires cooperation and intelligence

3. A. Fuadi

Do you know the author of this 5 Tower State trilogy? He is an Indonesian who has the belief that every goal can be obtained, as long as serious. A. Fuadi proved that with the hard work and passion he who departed from the background of santri at Pesantren Gontor can take education to the level of Doctorate in America and London.

A. Fuadi is not a genius who is an expert in all subject areas. He even just started learning English when nyantri in Gontor. Scholarships are also not directly obtained, he repeatedly failed before succeed. Even so hard work and earnestness can lead to the point of success.

So, do not hurt dong keep working hard? Got talent will indeed facilitate the achievement of success. But many have also proved the efficacy of spirit and hard work. It depends on how you react to it.

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