Want Healthy Look Tips Tips Keeping This Tooth Brush Cleaning

Want Healthy Look Tips Tips Keeping This Tooth Brush Cleaning

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Vemale.com – Your mouth is an excellent place for bacteria to multiply. There are about 100-200 species of bacteria in the mouth that will move when you brush your teeth. Even if you do take care of your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, or even after eating, you should still pay attention to the cleanliness of the toothbrush.

It is not possible you will get the disease instead of your toothbrush. Therefore, as quoted from womenshelathmag.com, the following healthy tips to keep your toothbrush cleanliness so as not to become a den of disease.

Clean daily

It is important to clean the toothbrush after every brushing to remove the bacteria left on the brush. Wash your toothbrush with running water to clean off the remaining toothpaste and bacteria, then dry the brush.

Buy new after you get sick

When sick, your body undergoes many changes, including the amount of bacteria in the mouth. So, to avoid having the same disease, it is better to remove your old toothbrush and replace new when recovering from the disease.

Change toothbrush 3-4 months

Many dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every 3-4 months even if your toothbrush is still good. Not only will be a place to nest more bacteria, toothbrush bristles are also not effective to clean between the teeth.

Keep away from toilets or latrines

It is important to keep the brush away from the latrine, because the bacteria when you defecate can mix with the air around and stop at the toothbrush close to the toilet opening. Both your toilet seat and squat, should keep away from where you put your toothbrush.

Do not store in a damp placeClosing the brush with a safety case is good to avoid bacteria from the outside air, but should not be left too long, because the bacteria also like the place moist and closed. Air the toothbrush in the clean air or keep it with the brush cover after you dry it.

Like the mouth, toothbrushes are an excellent place for bacteria to multiply, and if they are not kept clean, they can invite disease. So keep your toothbrush clean from now on.

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