Want To Be Accepted Work, Release Ring Engagement During Job Interview

Want To Be Accepted Work, Release Ring Engagement During Job Interview

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Vemale.com – When applying for a job and already up to the interview stage or job interview, everyone must have a big hope that he will be accepted and officially become part of the company he is applying for. But, while doing a job interview, make sure that you do the interview well. Make sure, too, that you pay attention to every detail of the interview, the appearance and whatever it is. One more thing to watch out for if you want to do a job interview is the existence of a ring fiance on your ring finger.

It is recommended that you remove the engagement ring so that the possibility of acceptable work becomes greater. Why is it advisable to take off the engagement ring? Quoted from the page asiantown.net, an employee recruitment expert named Bruce Hurwitz from New York, United States states that women who have been wearing a ring fiance on the finger is very small received in a company.

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This is given that women who have been using engagement rings are predicted to be married soon. Meanwhile, most companies will look for single employees and are ready to not marry a certain period of time when they have been officially employed. Not only that, wearing engagement rings also allows for disputes among fellow employees, especially female employees. Unknowingly, wearing luxurious and striking jewelry will make co-workers feel jealous. It can also make the recruitment team know the personality of the woman with a circular engagement ring on her finger.

Bruce Hurwitz said: "When one sees an engagement ring on a person's finger, especially a woman, this will make a male colleague feel uncomfortable with her, while for a female co-worker she will feel jealous, especially if the engagement ring is a luxury diamond ring. This sounds silly and unacceptable, but unconsciously, this is a reality to be accepted. "

Upon what Hurwitz said, this seems to have caused pro-cons in society. Some indeed feel the discomfort when faced with a new co-worker who wore a fancy ring fiance on his finger. But, some feel wearing engagement rings has no effect on the work environment. If you think, how do you think Ladies?

Wearing or not wearing engagement rings while doing a job interview, if indeed we have the skills in accordance with the desired job, we will certainly be accepted work. Even if it is not acceptable, this may be something else that makes us unfit to get the job. As long as we want to think positively, we all will get the job according to our passion in the near future or even a long time later.

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