Want to Live Comfortably in the Old Eve Later Do not Waste Your Youth!

Want to Live Comfortably in the Old Eve Later Do not Waste Your Youth!

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Youth is the greatest asset in a life phase.

Youth is the most exciting time, a time when strength, opportunity and emotion are at their boiling point. In youth all kinds of hormones related to anxiety, love, worry, confusion, fear or happiness will be triggered only with minimal stimuli. But do you know what is the reason behind the strong strength, opportunities and emotions we have when young? if all this time the strength, the opportunities and the strong emotions we spend just to have fun with girlfriends, friends and spend the greatest asset in life just for things that are not important, then we really do not know what reason that makes a young person has the power , opportunities and strong emotions.

Professor Rando Kim says, Pain and pain are part of youth, so do not be afraid, live all the pain and suffering with courage, because you are destined to suffer when young. So the reason why we have power, opportunities and strong emotions as young as we are destined to suffer when young. God makes youth a cheerful time because He knows that we must struggle and torment, so He makes us laugh easily. But not a few of us who would rather menyianyiakan our youth to pursue the things that are not useful.

Youth is likened to the rainy season that is the right time for us to plant but the right time is also for us to laze around. The rainy season is the time when we really miss the bed to fall asleep while listening to the songs are sad, the rain is also a good time to relax while enjoying a warm drink, but remember that the rainy season is the best time to plant because we do not need tired-tired watering our plants, for the heavens will water them through the rain which the heavens have given us.

Life is a choice, which one do we choose, do we choose to plant or laze? If we choose to plant and clean our fields, then when summer comes, we can already enjoy the hard work. But if We prefer to laze, then when summer comes, we will be forced by circumstances to work even harder. We must work under the sun and we must also water our own plants because the sky no longer gives rain.

The future is the summer, the period when we will have to work because the situation is no longer possible for us belamas lazy. The more needs we have to fulfill in the future, for that plant when young in the future so that in our future, no more forced labor to do.

Remember what King Solomon says, Laziness will bring about forced labor. "When our youth is filled with doing vain things it is certain that we will feel forced labor in the future, hoping for a beautiful future, a hope will emerge a way out.

The just God has given us the same happy rations and equal allocations for all Men born of a woman. All our happy rations are stored in the BANK of Happiness and all our hard rations are stored in BANK Tribulation. When we are in youth, we are given 2 credit cards, the credit card trouble to take our future trouble from BANK Tribulation and the other credit card happiness to take our future happiness from the BANK Happiness, all the happiness and all the distress stored in the BANK will each flower with the same interest rate every year. When we are young is actually a time where we must use / draw more from our savings to our savings than to withdraw from our savings of happiness.

A wise young man who knows that youth is a time when he has tremendous power so that he can afford to bear trouble then he will attract more savings of his future in order that he will feel when he is young and strong. He may also use his credit card of happiness but he uses it with careful consideration that the happiness he sank will bloom more and he will enjoy when he is no longer strong. But an unscrupulous young man will splurge with his credit card of happiness, he takes the happiness of his future to wear it with a spree in his youth. But the credit card trouble he rarely use, so the savings of sadness that he had kept flowering then led to the misfortune that befall and devastate his life someday.

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