Want to Save Energy Try Applying Skylights at Home

Want to Save Energy Try Applying Skylights at Home

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If the number of bills swells even if you rarely use powerful electronic equipment, chances are that you are too frequent, or even rarely turn off small appliances, especially lights.

The lights are ideally only lit up at night not often light up 24 hours. The reason may be because you forgot to turn it off, or it could be because you really need it because the room in your house is not bright enough even in the daytime.

Currently many new homes are using large windows, about 40 percent of the total face of the house with the aim of maximizing the entry of natural light from the sun. Well, in addition to the use of large windows, you can also apply the use of skylights on the roof of the house.

Skylight literally means light from the sky. As the name implies, the skylight serves to bring light from the sky into the house by making a window on the roof of the house.

Skylight is actually not a new architectural model. This design you can see in ancient buildings ancient Roman relics. Buildings that use this skylight can be found when you're walking in several countries in Europe such as Poland, Spain, Greece, Italy, and France.

In addition to aesthetics of building architecture, skylights also have three advantages that you can feel at home:

Skylights can increase the intensity of light in every corner of the building area.
With the skylight, you do not have to worry about the use of lights in excess.
With the use of glass or the appropriate film layer, skylights do not make the air temperature inside the house increases. In some developed countries, the government has even advocated the use of skylights.

If you are building a new house or intend to renovate the old house, it is worth considering the use of this skylight. Here are some things you need to consider about the skylights quoted from www.rumah.com.

1. Skylight is suitable for all home roof models

First you have to remember is the skylight is not limited to the model of the roof of the house. That is, whether the roof is flat or not, can be designed for installation of skylights.

Example of mounting the skylights on the roof model of the house is not flat. The distance for each skylight one with another minimum of 1.5 meters.2. Adjust the installation with the part of the room you want to illuminate

The second step is to adjust the installation of skylights with the part of the room you want to light. In this case, of course you must also consider the aesthetic value.

Another thing you need to remember is the sun moving from east to west. If you place a skylight on the east and west of the roof of the house, the incoming light will be very bright. Therefore, it is better to put the skylights on the north or south so that the incoming light softer.

Installation of skylights can be used for living room. Examples of homes in Australia has a roof that is not flat. With a minimum glass thickness of 6.38mm.

Skylights can also be used for lighting the stair angle at home. Besides medapat provide natural lighting, also add to the beauty of the room.

Installation of the skylights for the bedroom. Window mounted not 180 degrees, but made a slope aimed at the sun does not radiate directly.

3. Select the right material

To create a skylight, you can use two materials such as glass and plastic as a cover. As for the glass frame can use aluminum or steel.

The selection of glass is considered appropriate, because it is more resistant to fire. However, in the application, you have to re-coat using a low-emission glass coating that serves to keep the heat. But to use glass, you have to spend a little bigger.

If the glass is considered expensive, you can use plastic instead of glass. Type of plastic that can be used is ABS, acrylic, and polycarbonate.

4. Consultation with expertsOne thing to note, you must consult with experts before installing skylights. Although useful, skylights also have risks.

The excessively high light intensity that falls on the same surface continuously can produce a negative impact, one of which makes the color of a piece of furniture fade. Selection of skylight locations, lighting angles, and film layers should be carefully considered prior to installation.

Installation of skylights above the bathroom can improve the condensation process or condensation, especially for those of you who live in cool climates such as mountains. When you take a shower using hot water, moisture will be faster dew because the outer side of the skylight is cooler. As a result, there will be a crust or moss on the surface.

Therefore, consult with an architect before deciding on the use of skylights.

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