Want Your Wedding Not Forgettable 9 Stand Photo Booth This Could Be a Choice

Want Your Wedding Not Forgettable 9 Stand Photo Booth This Could Be a Choice

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Marriage is a thing that is eagerly awaited to be held once in a lifetime by most people. Not a few people willing to prepare materials and mental from far-away for the sake of holding a magnificent wedding party. Not only about the party dress and the needs of the bride only, the satisfaction of the guests is also one of the reasons why the bride and family are willing to spend a lot of money.

Making a magnificent party is fine, but that does not mean you have to force yourself to drain away your savings. Because if you want a little hard work by applying your own creativity, then the wedding funds can be reduced to be even cheaper. One way is to make stand booth photo itself. How easy is it, here is Hipwee give her review for you.

1. Only with a piece of wood and some patchwork or ribbon, you can create a photo booth that gives a cheerful impression

The wedding day is not complete yet if it has not been a picture together. So, at least you have to prepare space for the photos of the invited guests. However, the cost of photo booth decoration services is also not cheap. Well, without having to spend a lot of money you can create a colorful photo booth from a patchwork or ribbon. The trick is mudha kok, first scissors wanri-colored cloth or ribbon size of 2.5 m x 10 m then tie on a stick. After that hang in the wide space.

Tadaaa, this color-wanri curtain is ready to be used as a background photo wedding booth. Your invited guests must be a stylish spirit with this cheerful theme.

2. For wedding happiness can be felt by invited guests, then dekorlah photo booth with colorful balloons

Happiness is definitely covering you on your wedding. But sometimes you forget to pass it on to the guests you invite. Well, so they can also feel happy and happy for your wedding title, you can now try to prepare a photo booth by using a balloon.

The trick is easy, you just need to buy balloons in various types of colors. After that, use bamboo or wood to tie it. Then put the beautifully colored balloon arrangement in the green field available at your wedding venue, in order to create a unique color gradation.

So deh, the invited guests ready to style in the booth that you have prepared.

3. Photo booth themed club will make the invited guests more spirit for free style.

Photo booth is not something that must be in the wedding, but if you want to provide it invited guests will feel more pleased. Without having to cut the budget buffet for the cost of photo booth decoration services, now you can make your own with a low cost and energy efficient. The trick is easy, you just have to buy a golden curtain plastic, then put on a wood or rail curtains. Then you can add the same color decoration made from cardboard.Simsalabim, the invited guests are guaranteed to be more eager to be stylish in front of the camera when your happy day is held.

4. With a little touch of cheap crepe paper grain, your party photo booth can look more elegant

Without having to bother because the budget is not small to make a beautiful photo booth, now you can rely on a wide-sized crep paper about 15-25 cm with the color gradation. It's easy, first you clip crepe paper on both sides facing up to 1/3 of the width of the paper, and do not forget to leave the middle. Then put on the rope and put on the ceiling of the house. Or if it allows you can directly attach it to the plasterboard of the house. And do not forget to play the color gradation, yes, it is recommended you install it with zig zag pattern to make it look more interesting. In this way, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get an elegant photo booth.

5. To create a beautiful photo booth that does not have to use luxury goods, now you can use the used banner to get a charming view.

The cost of marriage is not cheap, in addition to the cost of dress you also have to design a wedding the more beautiful. So you must be very clever to find an alternative so that the cost of marriage can be more efficient. One of them is by designing your own decoration.

Instead of using luxury items, you can actually take advantage of used items for beautiful decoration. Easy way, first use a used banner or new white. Then use a sponge dipped in paint to give a beautiful abstract image. After that, put deh in place you have provided.

If you want to give a more charming impression, you can add a bouquet of flowers on the top. So deh, invited guests ready to make memories in the shots on the wedding day.

6. Stylish in front of the flower curtain can make the guests an invitation to feel the beauty of your marriage is full of love. The way to make it easy.

Flowers are always synonymous with the celebration of love. So, there is no harm in you for decorating beautiful flowers at the wedding. Instead of just you as a bride with a flower, you can also share it with the guests you have invited before. One of them by spreading flowers in photo booth.

How to make it easy enough, you just need fresh flowers and rope. Clean the flower from the stem, then you tie on the rope sticking out. After that prepare the white cloth as a background, then hiasai the front with your own flower curtain. To be more beautiful, you can also add a splash of flowers on the floor. Well, it's easy right? Invite guests would not reject the photo in this beautiful booth.

7. Placemats are not only intended to beautify your dish, you can use it as a decoration of your photo booth to make it look more attractive.To get a photo booth captivating not necessarily with expensive objects, because now you can actually use the placemats as decoration. The way is quite easy anyway, first you find a beautiful patterned placemats for example with lace carvings. Then you attach the glue to 2-3 dots on the back of the paper and then you attach it to the wall in stack.

In order to look more interesting, you can play colors in your creations. Maybe you can mix white and gold as the base color, or you can make a pattern of bright colors available on the market. In this way, you do not need to drain the bag too deep, because the cost is not too much. Well, it's easy right?

8. Decoration of frame frames and flower decoration not only makes your booth look classic, but also romantic.

Romance not only can you channel with the love of love songs on the day of the wedding, but you can also pack it on a romantic photo booth. It does not always have to include luxury chairs with flower sprinkles everywhere, you can take advantage of frames that are not used.

The way is easy enough, first you put white curtains on the side of the fabric in order to get a classic impression. Then decorate your figure with flowers in the corner. After that, you tie with a rope or wire to make it stronger. And then hanging with uneven patterns. Simsalabim, with this decoration your photo booth will bring the romantic and classical nuasa to every guest who comes.

9. Just by providing a cute decoration of cardboard, guests will feel entertained with the silly poses offered in your photo booth.

Weddings are not always tense and full of novelty, because you also give a cheerful nuance there. Without having to focus solely on the classic beauty of your wedding day it can become more memorable with a photo booth that is silly and funny.

You can supply akseseoris ornaments from paperboard in various characters and writing. Maybe you can make a mustache, big nose mouth, or bulging eyes. Or maybe you can provide a hat, sunglasses, or wig. Without having to decorate the photo booth too much, with this facility, guaranteed the guests will definitely feel entertained. And surely they will remember your wedding day that attracts attention.

To create an interesting photo booth on the wedding day is not difficult anyway. You can even make it yourself. Want your guests to remember your wedding day from a photo in front of a beautiful stand? So there is no harm in applying these tips on your wedding day that will be your degree.

So, what kind of photo booth would you like to embody on your wedding day?

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