Warming Global Warming ……….

Warming Global Warming ..........

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Global warming we have experienced today. Even the hot air we feel every day. The climate change that has changed the summer pattern is getting longer, hotter and drier.

Global warming is a big problem happening on earth. Global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the earth. This is due to the depletion of the ozone layer which causes easy entry of heat

From this incident there must be a cause that causes global warming. The main cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect, ie hot air trapping from solar radiation retained by the accumulation of the greenhouse gas layer (consisting of CO2, methane, N2O), which should be reflected back into space. The use of carbon dioxide, methane and excessive gas monoxide, cigarette smoke, motor vehicle fumes, deforestation, where the function of the forest itself is binding carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.Pertambahan population also causes oxygen consumption increases and also increases CO2 and CO gas issued and use of household appliance tools containing CFCs. Smoke produced by factory factories from industrial processes became one of the causes of global warming. From the cause of the cause can be said that humans are the main cause of global warming. Because of all human activity that causes warming.

The factory's own exhaust fumes contain toxins that can harm people and their environment. The amount of CO2 gas generated from the industrial activity in addition to causing global warming also affect health, such as causing respiratory problems and lowered one's thinking power. A major source of increased carbon dioxide itself is the use of fossil fuels in industrial process processes.

Indonesia is also called as the country that plays the most role of global warming, the article Indonesia is a country rich in forests but today many forest fires so that Indonesia is called the largest contributor of gas C02, Indonesia is also a paradise of smokers where cigarette smoke causes heating global. Where we are there must be a lot of people who smoke despite the prohibition to not smoke.

With increasing global temperatures it can also impact and cause changes in changes such as polar ice melting, destroying ecosystems and also causing rising sea levels, increasing geothermal heat can also cause forest fires, and drought. Sea heating damages coral reefs, which are the largest incomes of each country, rising climate temperatures, tropical diseases spreading to areas never previously infected. Not to mention the increasing number of people affected by diseases such as skin cancer, cholera and so on which are increasingly prevalent, and covers an increasingly widespread region. Indonesia itself has lost 26 sinking islands which is the result of global warming.

The aforementioned consequences are just a few of the bad consequences that we have felt in the world community. And things like that should we find a way out to overcome them. Although global warming can not be prevented, but at least it can still be slowed.

What should we do ?

Currently Global Warming is considered a major danger that must be addressed jointly, where every country and every government must cooperate and immediately promote environmental awareness to their citizens. Because in overcoming the global pemuatanan we can not do alone but need to be addressed together with all citizens of the world without selfishness.

Not enough to say the phrase stop global warming only, but there must be action clear and real. Awareness of the environment is very important to grow our love for the environment. Starting from ourselves, the environment around us, and do everything from small things we can do like planting trees in the neighborhood, reducing the use of plastics and goods that contain gas causing global warming, using public transport vehicles that are fueled environmentally friendly.

Starting from a small but give a big influence. This is what we must preserve. so do UNDIP students to take care of our earth. Awareness of the environment for students is very important. Because if we love the environment then the environment will love us.

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