Water as a source of life

Water as a source of life

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Water is very important in life, without water all the living beings that exist on earth will die. Without human water can be thirsty, lack of water substance in the body to cause death. Without water, animals will also become thirsty and eventually die. Neither will the soil without water become barren and arid, the plants will wither and dry until it dies. The water problem is a world problem and a matter of life.

In the Qur'an it is said that water is the source of life, and from the water all living things are made.
The origin of the water is clean, can be used to wash or clean everything from dirt. And to drink is very important for health, both individuals, families, communities and the environment. However, the fact that clean water is now difficult to obtain because the water is polluted, not clean anymore as it originally used to be caused by the behavior and actions of humans who are not friendly anymore with nature.

As a result of water pollution causes damage to the ecosystem and the preservation of nature and even the threat of human life that will cause various diseases caused by water that is not clean anymore due to loss of human consciousness of the importance of clean water. Water pollution is a major global problem that requires evaluation and revision of resource policies water at all levels (from international level to private water and wells). It has been said that water pollution is the world's leading cause of deaths and diseases caused by Water Pollution to Society.
Polluted water certainly brings a lot of harm to society, given the position of water as one of the most important elements of our lives. Here are some of the consequences of water pollution for everyday life which entirely boils down to one thing, which is causing health disruption.
The growth of harmful microorganisms that come from waste decomposition. If entered into the body, these microorganisms will pose a danger like disease.
Water is toxic, so harmful if consumed. These toxins can come from chemical waste from households, industries, pesticides from agricultural activities, and so on.
Difficulty to get clean water for daily needs.
Disruption of ecosystem balance in the water; which can also impact human life, for example: the decrease of fish populations in rivers or seas.
Water provides many benefits to our lives. With water we can eat, drink, wash, bathe, clean stuff, play, and so on. Then has it occurred to us what if we live on this earth without water?
What causes the polluted and damaged water environment is due to our mistakes and negligence as human beings in harnessing, nurturing, and maintaining water availability in our daily lives Then after realizing all this carelessness we should be able to change. We must change, try to think with all the potential of common sense that we have to be able to do to save the water on this earth.
To preserve the water there are several things we can do that is:
Save water usage.
Throw garbage in its place.
Conduct proper waste treatment.
Running reforestation to keep the forest sustainable.
Prevent illegal logging of trees.
Conducted socialization on how important it is to preserve the water environment and the role of water in human life.
Removing illegal mining systems without considering the balance of the ecosystem.
Clean up areas of clean water sources from all waste.
Creating a beautiful environment, with in starting from our own home environment.
Maintain the stability of clean water supply in the soil.
Therefore, let us make the slightest change early on for better survival for the next generation. Starting from now let's do together thinking and trying to save the survival of life on this earth with efforts to preserve the existence of water.

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