Water, Elements of World’s Important Life

Water, Elements of World's Important Life

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Unimaginable when water extinct from the face of this earth. Life on earth can be stopped immediately. Living beings such as humans, animals and plants will surely die. The ground is hardened, the forest is barren, the sea dries up and the world is doomed. No one can resist the role of water.

The earth was created with a sophisticated multi-system with an extraordinarily complex balance. God, the creator has governed through the process of natural equilibrium with mechanisms that ensure the survival of life. But human life has given excesses that affect the balance including the water component.

Water is an essential element. The Earth's surface is created with two-thirds of the water and leaving only a third of the land. In the solar system only Earth planets that have water in liquid form, there is no planet or any other place that has aquatic life like on Earth. Water has a connecting role between the components of the biosphere, regulating the process of land, sea and air.

Like other components of the earth system kompenen. Water moves on a time scale including the development of a glacier to a droplet of rain. Temporarily settled water in the oceans, ground water, rivers, glaciers / ice and cloud vapor. Through the evaporation / transpiration stage of sea water evaporates and then condensation process occurs to form bonds of water vapor in the earth's atsmosfir layer. The vapor reserves in the cloud layer will get wind pressure moving and turning into drops of water or snow clumps that descend to the earth's surface. Water or snow clumps will be absorbed by the earth's layer through the pores of the soil, partly absorbed by plants.

According to Cheryl Simon Silver in his book One Earth One Future (The National Academy Press) Water that falls to the surface of the earth will sculpt the topography of the earth, pushing a large amount of debris that comes out of the glacier, solidifying the land. Particles of soil particles trapped in the stream will travel a long way to the lakes and oceans. Particle particles that are partly settled and hardened into sedimentary rocks. Water also serves as a solvent in the process of weathering or mechanically separating and squeezing between the crevice gaps in the soil in which the water searches the surface by capillarization processes. Water moves vertically and horizontally in the ground.

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Water Reserves

Earth has the same amount of water. Only in a different form. The largest water reserve on earth is over 97% in the ocean ocean. Furthermore, the water reserve is in the form of glaciers and in chunks of ice chunks. Lakes, Rivers and other water surfaces only save one or two per ten thousand of the global water supply. This means that only a small amount of water is in the earth's land.

Then, what exactly is the water content in this earth. US geologists estimate the number to reach 326 million cubic miles. Of that amount 97.5% salt-shaped because it is in the vast ocean. Well like the previous explanation only 2.5% of fresh water on this earth that can be consumed as drinking water. But a third of the drinking water is in the form of ice sheets, glaciers and snow. On the face of the earth there are only six countries that have 50% of the world's drinking water supply (Brazil, Russia, Canada, China, Colombia and Indonesia). One-third of the human population on earth lives in drinking water. This means that if there are 5 billion inhabitants of the earth there are 1.2 billion people who are very limited access to clean water. According to 2011 data, 768 million people have no clean drinking water source and 2.5 billion people do not have clean water sources for sanitation (source: UN Water organization)

Still according to US geological researchers that the world's largest drinking water reserves are in the soil (aquifer) rather than water from the surface of the earth. So no wonder if many people who make the water pumping system underground. Both from small to large scale. Utilization of ground water will haphazardly spur the intrusion of sea water that causes fresh water mixed with sea water / salt water.

Water Function on EarthLike the water cycle picture on Earth. water occupies the most important position. as one source of life where water provides many benefits of life on earth, following the role of water on earth:

As the World Transportation Media, Sea water in the vast Ocean becomes an important medium for human transportation. Before the plane was found, humans used the sea facilities as the world's transportation media. Seafarers like Columbus who managed to find the American continent and James Cook who managed to find the continent of Australia using the ocean / ocean in the wading world. Did we know that 72% of the Earth element is water.

Guard of Earth Temperature, Water is a component of heat absorber / solar radiation that touches the earth's surface. Water vapor / ice material in the atmosphere layer suspected to escort the incoming sunlight to be accepted and not damage the earth's life. Earth's climate is highly dependent on the Water component, weather changes, storms, and droughts in some parts of the earth are interrelated. Dean F Peterson and Andrew Keller of Utah State University calculated how the link between a 3C temperature rise with a 10% drop in rainfall. This phenomenon signifies that water can affect the temperature of the earth.

Chemical Elements, Seawater is called to bind carbon element. The oceans are a huge reservoir for carbon monoxide (CO2) elements produced by human activities, while oceanic counts hold 60 times longer than the amount of CO2 present in the Earth's atmosphere. The oceans store carbon on the ocean floor and have stockpiled for billions of years.

The Essential Elements of the Life of Sentient Beings, No living thing can survive without a water component. Humans, animals, plants and all cell-living creatures need water components. As the element of life the water component supplies the most. Elements of food that the needs of living beings are also affected and require a water component. So the need for water becomes the most basic ground for the availability of life on earth.

Human Body Needs On Water

Seeing the essence of the element of water components then when you see the human body needs water. As a living thing, Humans in a study can survive without food for more than thirty days, but can not survive more than four days without water intake. Because human body cells sanagt depends on the availability of water in maintaining life.

The human body itself consists of 70% water element. Where the element of water becomes very decisive for health and of course the survival of human life. Water becomes an important component in supporting life, along with the role of water in the human body:

Helping Brain Performance Process. Have seen aqua ads where the model looks lost concentration and one person. This is the cause, the human brain itself consists of 80% water. The human brain has cognitive function (intelligence). Dehydration or lack of water makes the brain's nervous system weaker to the power of alias lemot analysis and not sensitive to the surrounding environment. Excessive dehydration can even make the brain lose its function is usually characterized by fainting. So drink enough water to help the brain work normally and be able to think much better. #Aqua available.

Helping Transportation in the Body. Water mambantu circulatory system and cell cell repair in the body. In the human body, blood binds oxygen and carries nutritional food throughout the body. Blood itself consists of 78% water element. Binding of chemical elements by blood then circulated to the spleen, liver, kidney until pumped back by the Heart.

Helping the organs of important organs, water has a very important role for the lung Lung in the process of human respiration. Pulmonary lung should always be wet in doing its function. Just try to breathe us into a glass field, the result is visible water vapor on the glass surface. It denotes water dominating human lung lungs. Water also helps the work of the heart, human activities, especially heavy activity requires adequate fluid intake, because when the activity of water reserves in the body will be reduced due to respiration. Body fluids that do not get a replacement will result in heart work becomes disturbed and cause blood viscosity to be abnormal. Water also helps the kidneys in their work function as a filter of toxic substances that are useless in the blood. Waste from filtration will be carried in the form of urine into the bladder. The function of water is as a solvent of dirt to be removed from the human body. When the water is needed less then the impurities from the blood will crystallize like a stone. And inhibit in the bladder so that inhibit urine disposal, usually people mention the pain of kidney stones.Set the Body Temperature. If human activity is heavy then body temperature will increase. To reduce body heat the body cooling system will work automatically by removing the sweat fluid through the skin gland glands. So humans will sweat in maintaining a normal body temperature. As well as when we enter a hot environment then the body pendingn system will soon work. Sweat-shaped body fluids will cool our bodies. Usually after sweating the body will feel thirsty as a sign of lack of fluids. So we are obliged to drink water immediately. #Aqua available.

As a Keeper of Skin Aesthetic Elements. Water turned out to have a role in maintaining skin health. Drinking water in the appropriate amount as needed will have the effect of smoothing the skin, keep moisture, maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin. Lack of body fluids can cause dull skin, dry and looks rough wrinkled. So drinking enough water is strongly recommended. #Aqua available.

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Of the five things are actually still a lot of water functions in the human body in maintaining health and sustainability of life. Water can not be separated from human life. Once there is still life on earth then the role of water is still needed by humans. But the next question is what kind of water is fit for human consumption. One of the wrong can endanger the health of the human body itself. Decent water should meet the criteria set by the world health agency, among others:

Clear, odorless, colorless, has no taste (non flavor).

It does not contain harmful heavy metals such as mercury (Hg), manganese (Mg). iron (Fe), zinc (Zn) and other metal elements.

Does not contain harmful microbes and bacteria such as e-colli or bacteria that cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, etc.

The quality of drinking water should be certified by a licensed health authority and recognized by a national health authority. The need for certification to avoid serious health problems or outbreaks of life-threatening diseases in massive numbers.

To calculate how much water we should drink each day, here is a formula that we can make as a guide:

= Weight (kg) x 0.033 L, Example: weight 60 Kg ===> = 60 x 0,033 L = 1.98 liters of water / dayBut in real life practice daily still many people of Indonesia who still consume drinking water that is not feasible. Either because water access is very limited to the lack of understanding people will need to consume appropriate drinking water according to health guidelines. In some areas that have been contaminated with heavy metals, such as industrial areas, urban areas. The health threat is very serious. The declining health effects will ultimately affect national productivity. The birth of baby babies are deformed due to exposure to harmful metal substances to high mortality in pregnant women and toddlers.

Scarcity and Water Pollution

As discussed earlier in this paper, the earth has only 2.5% water that is worth consuming as drinking water. While the population of the earth continues to grow. Access to clean water is increasingly difficult to obtain, especially areas that are geographically minimal water. As is the case of the world's inhabitants living in parts of the African continent or the dry desert region. Lack of clean water has made some of the inhabitants of the earth have to depend their lives from water that is far from feasible. Like the river water is dirty and polluted.

In Indonesia alone it is estimated that 50% of the population is experiencing similar things. The government in its regulation number 20 of 1990 gives the grouping of water quality into several designations. Here are the groupings:

Group A: Water that can be consumed directly without processing first

Group B: Water that can be used as raw drinking water through a process of purifying and sterilizing water from metals and microbes.

Group C: Water that can be used for the needs of the fishery sector and livestock sector.

Group D: Water used for agriculture, industrial sector, power plant

When looking at the above groupings, it seems very difficult to find the quality of class A, where the source of drinkable water has been much polluted and no longer hygienic in terms of health. Even if there may be only mountainous areas of mountain range far from reach. Even for class B, as a source of raw materials has been categorized as difficult, especially in urban areas and industrial areas.

The urban areas of water pollution fall into the category of health threatening. The black water is bubbly with the smell of sting is certainly not recommended to be raw drinking water. PDAMs themselves often find it difficult to get adequate water quality. Urban communities no longer use PDAM water for raw drinking water. Usually PDAM water only serves as water washing clothes, household appliances or washing motor vehicles.

Anything causes clean water to become scarce, many factors make it happen. Here's why the cause of clean water becomes scarce:Pollution of the Increasing Environment, Industrial developments that have evolved since the invention of steam engines in the medieval times of the industrial revolution to date have contributed to environmental destruction. The pollutant caused the burden of the earth heavier. The effect of the greenhouse effect in diluting the ozone layer. Industrial waste that contaminates land, air and water provides direct and indirect impacts in the short to long term. Hazardous chemicals, heavy metals freely pollute the environment. Everything affects the water cycle, water quality and reduces the ability of the earth to store water in various forms. Global warming has a direct influence on melting ice glaciers in the north and south poles. Air pollution has an effect on the quality of rainwater containing acid. Until acid rain (Acid Rain) has a negative effect on living things. Soil pollution makes the soil layer full of harmful toxic particles that can be mixed with ground water. In urban areas like northern Jakarta, ground water is no longer usable because it has been contaminated by pollutants and seawater seepage.

Rough Forest Logging, Man's need for wood and paper raw materials has made forests the world's lung and groundwater reserves are disrupted. Millions of millions of cubic timber are taken without thinking of the harmful effects that will arise. Starting from landslides, flash floods to the changing of rainforest ecosystems into dry, barren savannas and unable to tie down rainwater that descends. The deforested forest is a disaster that could cause a cataclysmic disaster that has claimed many lives like the one in Banjarnegara, a landslide with hundreds of lives.

Water Exploitation Uncontrolled. Large industries that require water raw materials often make large super suction wells. Thousands of water metrics are smoked daily from the soil. This certainly makes the ground water reserves become disrupted and will create drought in the surrounding environment. Utilization of groundwater in excess and uncontrollable will make the soil structure becomes hollow and labile. This is certainly dangerous for the construction of buildings on it. Remember, ground water is limited and when exploited large amounts regardless of the prevailing rules of drought disaster will come soon.

The narrowing of the water catchment area. The construction of the city and the construction of business property and housing properties have contributed to the influence of the narrowing of the water catchment area. Sometimes because of the increasingly difficult and expensive land, the area that should be a place of sedentary water such as swamp to situ situ water reservoir converted into residential areas. As Gapey Sandy has been promoted to some of the backfill in the south tangerang area. This becomes a separate note that must be completed by all interested parties.

Beach Destruction And Coastal Sand Exploitation. Still remember the case of selling Indonesian beach sand to neighboring Singapore for the construction of their beach reclamation. What if the beach sand is exploited? Salty sea water will seep (intrusion) into the soil and infiltrate deep into the land. As a result the ground water becomes salty and can not be used anymore. In addition, the erosion of the coast by the exposure of sea waves causes abrasion that makes the land more and more widespread. This in addition to damaging the design of the region will also affect the groundwater reserves around the coast. Difficulties of clean water on the coast will be more so that the queue of clean water in the tank car will be longer.

Damage to the Watershed (DAS). In recent years, local governments have been bogor and cianjur actively curb unauthorized buildings standing by the river banks. This permanent building will certainly disrupt the flow of water that should move downstream. The big flood disaster experienced by Jakarta one of them is the absorption of water in the peak area so that it flushed up to the river stream which estuary there is the city of Jakarta. The result without rain, some of Jakarta will be submerged in water sent from the upstream area.

Three Steps Macro Water Preservation
Seeing how important the role of water and the dangers posed by natural disasters due to disruption of the water cycle of course there must be a rescue step. Water can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. Outbreaks of disease can strike when the source of clean water is contaminated with microbes and harmful bacteria. Diarrhea and dysentery can bring serious health problems to the community. Heavy metal substances and harmful chemicals can provide long-term health effects such as cancer and other degenerative diseases. If not taken steps quickly, precisely and integrated then the water of life can be transformed into water of death of the bearer of bencaThe Role of Assertiveness and Government Seriousness.

Maintaining environmental sustainability, especially water resources, requires active support from the government. Both the center and the area. This is related in land arrangements, permits, designations to rights granted. Small to large scale industrial companies have the potential to conduct environmental pollution. It requires strict and binding rules with legal sanctions for the offender. The importance of environmental impact analysis (AMDAL) before the industry operates properly as a waste management management system is well prepared. Governments as stakeholders should play a firm and serious role. If there will be no clash at the community level and the entrepreneur breaking the rules.

Pattern of Partnership Between All Stakeholders.

Maintaining the preservation of water resources requires a strategic role between the lines. The success and failure of conservation of water resources is due to the established partnership pattern. This pattern is sourced from the active role of environmental watcher (LSM / Walhi / Greenpeace / etc), Government (Executive / Legislative / Judicial), Industrial Entrepreneur (Kadin Association), Academician (Environmental Researcher), Media (Mainstream / ), Community leaders / customary figures / religious figures. The role of everything will produce tremendous success when the role they have done with the maximum.

Crucial Steps That Must Immediately Be Implemented

Saving Water Usage, So far the word sparing is often ignored. Especially when the water we have excess and easily obtainable. Though making water savings such as: harvesting rain water for the purposes of watering plants, washing vehicles, washing clothes / household furniture. Reusing ablution water, washing vegetables for hygiene purposes. Turning off the water faucet when not in use includes immediately repairing or replacing the damaged water faucet (dripping continuously). Water saving is done so that the water reserves can also be enjoyed by others who need it.

Utilization of Resurface Well and Biopori Hole, Biopori hole is usually 10-30 Cm in diameter with depth between 30-100 cm. this hole is made around the yard of houses, gardens, gardens made to function to drain the water as water reserves for underground water. Biopori hole is currently being heavily popularized. Around the botanical garden bogor made biopori in large quantities. Benefits of biopori itself as an underground water drainer is also useful to fertilize the soil because it produces natural compost and fertilizer. In addition, biopore holes also reduce the impact of flooding, prevent erosion and landslides.

Reforestation, Forests actually serve as a water catchment area and underground water reserves. The deforestation functions of deforestation must be reforested (reforestation). In addition, reforestation also avoids floods and landslides that can occur when large rains come.

Utilization of Filter Technology / Water Purifier, Technology is now growing and increasingly sophisticated for the welfare of mankind including water treatment technology. In the middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, marine processing technology that is converted into drinkable water has become a necessity. Sophisticated engineering techniques that convert unfit water into decent water with sophisticated processes have made water easier. Unfortunately, the technology requires a fairly expensive cost. Therefore use the water wisely.Well, the role of saving water can be done by anyone (everyone can do). Each of us has an important role in maintaining the sustainability of water in the environment of everyday life. Here's a simple thing we can do in participating in maintaining the sustainability of the earth:

Use the shower, reduce the use of a dipper or bath bath. During this bath using a scoop is much more wasteful than the use of shower.

Pay attention and check the flow of water either on pipes or faucets, one drop of water per second leaking will collect 2,700 gallons per year.

Reuse the used water of vegetable laundry, ablution water, ice cubes in the refrigerator to use for watering the plants or giving a pet to drink or washing our motor vehicle.

Reduce the use of running water to melt the food from the freezer. Liquid the frozen food earlier by letting at room temperature.

Rainwater harvest. Use a bucket, a water reservoir to hold as a water saving. Use to water the plants, wash our vehicles up to the furniture.

Do not dispose of chemicals such as detergents in the stream. Chemicals have a negative impact on the quality and sustainability of aquatic biota.

Keep the environment clean from garbage. Never make it to the river.

Teach the usefulness and importance of water in our children to instill early awareness of water conservation on earth.

Use water wisely. There are still many of our brothers who can not enjoy clean water.

If all parties can do real action in preserving nature then it is not difficult to realize water as an inheritance for our children and grandchildren. Because in fact we only borrow water from the next generation. Do not inherit tears but inherit springs for our children and grandchildren. Let's play a role and prove our concern. Yuk ….***

On April 25, 2015, Kompasiana and Aqua held a Visit to an aqua factory in Ciherang, Bogor. Anything and How the role of Aqua to preserve nature, empower the role of society to play an active role in maintaining water as a source of life, see the direct reportage from Ciheran Plant.

See reporting directly from Ciherang Factory

The Role of Aqua Maintains Earth and Social Existence

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