Ways To Know What You Can Be Happy In Your New Workplace Later

Ways To Know What You Can Be Happy In Your New Workplace Later

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If you just resign from your current office and are looking for a new workplace, you have to make sure your new job is a much better job. You want a job that can make you comfortable and happy. The question is, how can we know that we will be happy to work there? What do we need to do to make sure of it?

Seek as much information as possible

When applying for a job in a company, you must observe the ins and outs of the company. What is the vision-mission of the company, how the performance last 3-5 years, how much staff, and others. This is so you have an idea of ??what will be waiting for you when you are actually welcome to work there.

You can get information about your target company from:

1. Ask a job interviewer

A job interview session will usually provide an opportunity for job applicants to ask about the ins and outs of the company and the job in question. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore information about both. Do not hesitate, because this is a golden opportunity for you to get accurate information.

2. Ask employees

If you feel less satisfied, you can also ask the employees who work at the company. No need to be embarrassed if mistakenly know the most important is to ask politely and do not look kepo. Ask them about things that are more relaxed, like the atmosphere and work culture in the company. Do not even ask the nominal salary that the employee receives.

If you have friends or acquaintances who work for the company, better still. You can more easily ask them questions.

3. Take a walk and see the working atmosphere of the office

If you are still not satisfied with the answers of two sources of information above, you can take the initiative to observe the working atmosphere of the office with his own eyes. There are some companies who are happy to let you see the work atmosphere in the company. But, do not forget to ask permission first, yes. If you look like a chick, it might be the employees who are there calling you a security guard.4. Browsing

To complete the information you got directly from the main source, you can also search for additional info via the internet. First, read important information from the company's official website. Secondly, you can also read reviews about the company on other websites (if any). Third, you can know the personal side of working in that place from personal blogs of people who have worked there.

The most important thing is to be selective in choosing this additional information. Do not immediately believe everything you read. Remember, however, the information you get through this way is secondary.

Well, now what do we need to know from the company?

1. Working atmosphere

Use job interview opportunities to see the working atmosphere in the office. How does employee rhythm work there? Do most of them look relaxed, or are they serious? Is the room comfortable for you? Do they work with music, or is the room quiet and quiet?

Make sure that you can adapt to the work environment in the company. This is important for your work productivity.

2. Health Support Facilities

Health is a major investment for everyone, let alone for a worker. Do not forget to ask this question in the interview. Does the company provide health benefits for us and our families? If so, in what form?

Ask also about the sick permit given by the company. Do they give certain relief to employees who are sick? How often do you get sick leave in a year? Does the company guarantee and pay attention to the health of its employees?

3. Interaction of Company EmployeesNote also how the employee interaction in the company (do not use bulging, yes). Are their work interspersed with jokes, or are they required by the environment to be more serious in their attitude? Do they seem to respect each other?

You can ask them what they like best during the work. Compare about your idea of ??your personal happiness.

4. Working facilities

Work facilities provided by the company will certainly support our performance later. You must know about the office facilities that you can use. Does the company have a good pantry? Does the company have a vehicle that you can use for office purposes?

A good office is an office that provides a balance between the responsibilities of employees and the supporting facilities provided. If your responsibilities are heavy enough while the office facilities do not support, it could be your workload so 2-3 times as much as it should be. If it's like this, it will be more difficult for you to be comfortable with your work. So, consider carefully what facilities already provided the office can support your work activities.

5. Consider Your Interest Harmony and Your Job Requests

The essence of work is to contribute to the environment by developing your self, interests, and personal talents. Make sure that the company you seek can support you do that.

Consider whether the company provides a great opportunity to put you in the position you want. When you work according to your choice of heart, you can have more opportunities to develop your skills. At the end of the day, you can be more responsible in your work.

6. Check out the Character of your Prospective Candidate

Ensuring the character of someone we do not know is a risky thing. Our first impression of someone, including our future boss, could be wrong. So make sure you stay wise if you want to analyze the character of the candidate boss.

You can try to listen to his character by asking things that are fishing when he interviews you. For example: ask about the company's health benefits. If he answered friendlyly and openly, he is likely to be the one who confronts his employees in a friendly and open manner.You can also find out the attitude and behavior of superiors by asking the company's employees. Remember: stay polite, yes. Your intention to find out is that you can adjust your own behavior when you work later instead of gossip.

It's impossible for you to know all the things about your new workplace candidate. But at least, looking for information on the things above can help you gain comfort and work happiness. Hope you can help!

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