Ways to Reduce Pollution Caused by Motor Vehicles

Ways to Reduce Pollution Caused by Motor Vehicles

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Motor vehicles are one of the factors that cause greenhouse effect and climate change. Motor vehicles using fuel oil can produce gas emissions that can cause air pollution and even gas emissions generated by motor vehicles can lead to depletion of the ozone layer. Therefore, to prevent environmental pollution caused by motor vehicles, then we can do several things, namely:

If the distance traveled is not too far, then we can use the bike or walk for our daily activities. Cycling and walking not only reduces the amount of air pollution but also helps maintain our body's health. In addition, by using a bicycle or on foot then we can save costs because we do not need to spend on fuel oil for vehicles.
If the distance traveled medium to far, ie more than 3 kilometers, then we can use public transportation, such as buses, trains, and so forth. The goal is to reduce the volume of vehicles and the resulting gas emissions every day.
Implementing a three in one system, this is done to reduce users of four-wheeled vehicles, because the three-in-one system requires at least three people in one vehicle. Because if not applied three-in one system, then the volume of vehicle will progressively increase.
We also can do car free day program, which aims to reduce the use of four-wheeled vehicles, because most of the vehicles in the city are dominated by four-wheeled vehicles. So by car free day, then we can reduce the air pollution generated by four-wheeled vehicles.

By doing these four things, then we have actively participated in preventing and reducing environmental pollution.

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