Weather in Medan City

Weather in Medan City

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The word weather has often we hear in our daily lives. The weather can be interpreted in the opinion of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) is the state of air or atmosphere in a relatively narrow territory and in a relatively short period of time. As we see the weather that we often see and feel happening in the terrain is the summer weather, the rainy season. Sometimes the weather in the terrain is difficult to deter, as I predict that the rain will come but it is not. From my estimation that weather is hard to know. And it's not just me who ever predicted such weather must we all have experienced it and our estimates are wrong.

As happened in our city that is Medan city. We must have predicted the weather in this city and I also like that often forecast the weather in this city. Weather is now so disturbing to us, sometimes the heat sometimes rain. Until we do not know when the rainy season and when the summer occurs. According BMKG, the unpredictability of the season that occurs in the field caused by global warming, which is a condition that makes the depletion of the ozone layer due to human activities among other logging forest, greenhouse effect etc. From the keaadaan weather like this our work or our activities are often hampered. As my activities are often school, les because I am a student or other activities, my activities are often hampered because the weather like this is often hot and sometimes suddenly come rain cause me suddenly ill caused by bad weather or the other in home if during the day if the weather is hot we would want to sleep because we are sleepy otherwise night if we want to sleep we certainly can not sleep because of the hot weather that megakibatkan we feel hot and sultry while sleeping. Surely we have experienced it like that in our daily lives.

Geographically Medan city is located at 3 30 '- 3 43' North Latitude and 98 35 '- 98 44' East Longitude. For that the topography of Medan tend to tilt to the north and located at an altitude of 2.5-37.5 meters above sea level. Geographically, the area of ??Medan City is between 330 – 343 LU and 9835 – 9844 BT.

We are now talking about heat, surely the word is not foreign to us because we often hear even we feel. Weather conditions in the field is quite extreme as it is today that can reach more than 36 C, should avoid direct contact with sunlight because if in a long period of time can risk cancer on the skin. In addition, extreme weather conditions lately in the city of Medan, providing not only hot for the body, but also can increase the risk of disease. Experts from USU also said that now the weather in Medan during the day is very hot. Hot and dusty weather makes our body condition very easy to get sick. BMKG explains that the heat of the sun occurs when the summer sun lies to the north of the equator, then the earth is to the north will be hot if compared with the south. In terms of positive we can take the heat of the sun can make a profit such as a banana chips entrepreneurs, crackers, and other foods that require the drying process. If we take it again in terms of negative heat of the sun it can also create losses such as:

1. The availability of water is less because of the lack of water in the river.

2. Frequent forest fires, and fires in densely populated settlements.

3. Many plants withered and dead animals.

In addition to the summer we are now talking about the rain, this word must also have often we hear and feel. According to my natural science book that the rainy season occurs when the sun lies south of the equator causing the air pressure in the southern part to be lower than the north so that the wind moves from north to south. The rainy season is not just making a profit but the rainy season can make losses like:

1.If continuous rains come will result in crop failure

2.From the failure of the harvest can lead to the price of vegetables, rice has increased

3. A large and continuous rain will result in flooding in lowland settlements.But you should not be mistaken that the rainy season that makes losses in the rainy season but can also be caused by human activities that can not keep nature well. Lack of public awareness will lead to garbage in its place causing water channels to collapse and result in a flooded area.

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