Weather Is Crazy Here, 6 People in Power It’s Still Aja Think Global Warming That Hoax

Weather Is Crazy

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In the midst of an increasingly visible world of signs of destruction, there are still many who deny the existence of global warming. Their reasons vary. From start due to personal and group interests until due to lack of capital to move on renewable energy. Because to mengamini global warming we do not need to be a scientist. The layman can easily confirm the signs. Rising earth temperatures, rising sea levels, floods, and extreme weather. We all feel it, guys.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who deliberately turn a blind eye to personal and group interests. The more sad when those who deny it is the leader of developed countries that contribute the largest carbon emissions.

1. Ironically elected President of the largest carbon emitting country in the world, do not believe in global warming. The future of the environmental rehabilitation struggle seems bleak

2. The name of one association, must be required to have the same view. So it's not wrong if his friend Trump this one participated and denied global warming

3. Mr. Senate this one may just deny that the earth has shown its old symptoms. But nature always honestly shows the symptoms, floods and extreme weather so the proof

4. Though the impact of global warming is so felt. Earth's temperature is rising and extreme weather is no longer a strange phenomenon

5. Actually to mengamini global warming, you do not need to be a scientist first kok. Even the layman can feel the effects of change

6. For developing country leaders, it is difficult to move on to renewable energy sources. The reason is because renewable energy needs considerable capital and can only turn back the capital most quickly 10 years later

The ice mound in the north pole is increasingly melting it's irrefutable fact. The sea level rises. This is why many small islands are drowned

Residents in small islands in the Pacific and Central America should start massive exoduses as their homes drown

Not to mention the air pollution due to the massive industrialization in China. To keep production costs at a minimum, many companies do not care about health standards or carbon emissionsWe can not say global warming is an issue far from Indonesia. Because our country became one of the suspects. Where forests are deliberately burned for oil palm planting

But the good news is that some countries are trying hard to switch to green energy sources that are environmentally friendly. Expensive and it takes a big commitment, but it has to be done

Grateful also there are millionaires who are aware of the importance of environmental saving efforts, especially in such a critical moment now. They realize we all have to invest for the future

In response to the already stumbling global warming, we as the inhabitants of the earth can only seek small steps. Simple routine energy savings melakoni. A little change that you apply, will be very meaningful for our earth in the future.

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