What Happens to Plastic in the Oceans

What Happens to Plastic in the OceansWe all know that plastic is a material that our earth can not decompose. The real proof is that we often find plastic when we dig the yard. Then, what if this plastic plastic is in the ocean?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the answer. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collection of waste plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean. This garbage collected and enlarged along with the ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean.

The amount of garbage garbage collected between Japan and California is estimated to reach 15 million square kilometers. Crazy! Indonesia alone covers only 1.9 million square kilometers! This means that the island of garbage is approximately equal to 7 times the size of Indonesia! Imagine how vast it is!

What we need to note is that the amount of waste is not reduced, it continues to grow because of the many people who throw garbage in the sea and also the influence of ocean currents in the Pacific Ocean that continues to hold it.

Not only can form the island, garbage is also dangerous for marine life. Many sea turtles that eat waste plastic waste because it thinks this junk is a jellyfish jelly is a favorite food. The dangerous thing again when we find there are marine mammals that entangled plastic ropes. Events of such events are certainly harmful to the life of flora and fauna found in the ocean.

A more complete explanation of The Great Pacific Patch can be seen in the video below. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch from Ben Segall on Vimeo.

So start throwing the garbage in place yuk! Remember, big things start with small things, starting with us, and starting from now!

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