What is Cable Functions Installed On Smartphones When in Physical Shop

What is Cable Functions Installed On Smartphones When in Physical ShopWhen you want to buy a smartphone in a store, surely most of the smartphones have cable installed. So what's that cable? Maybe some of you some who know, but some are still not know about that you know.

Well, if you want to know the function of the smartphone cable in the physical store, then you can refer to the reviews below.

Smartphone Cabling Function When in Physical Shop

There are two types of cables that are paired on a smartphone when on display at the store. This type has different functions. What's different? Yes, there is a security and also a power cable.

1. Serves as a Security Tool

True, this type of cable is indeed installed to protect the smartphone from crime such as theft. Well, usually, these cables are not installed in the USB port, but rather attached to the back of the body of the smartphone.

2. Cable Charger

Well, this second type is usually used all to pass charging on the smartphone. So, the smartphone will not run out of battery when the customer wants to try to operate it.

3. Having Two Functions at a Time

This third type of yng is a type that combines points to one and two. This type serves as a security tool and is connected to a USB port. In addition to security, this cable also serves to recharge the battery.

When the cable is unplugged carelessly, there will be a sound alarm that indicates that the smartphone is in a state of vulnerability stolen. In this way, the officer can secure the ignorant who wants to commit a crime.So, the cable on the smartphone installed in the store already knows what does it do? Make sure you also read related articles Smartphone or other interesting writing from Jofinno Herian.

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