What is Falun Gong

What is Falun GongOn 08-12-12 read news on Detik.com Falun Gong adherents are in action at the HI Roundabout. Jakarta, to prosecute human rights on the Chinese government. But perhaps many of our people still do not know what Falun Gong is.

According to info from Chinese media, the founder and founder of Falun Gong is Li Hongzi (), born July 7, 1952 in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province to the Northeast of China. Graduated from elementary and junior high schools in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province between 1960-69.

According to his view the world is divided into three levels. The gatekeeper's level is his own; The degree to which it includes the spirit of God is Christian, Buddhist and others, where human beings live in it. Mr. Li is the God who will save humanity from the garbage of this world that will soon explode. He says he will not magically exert his magical power to save people, but gives spiritual lessons and practice to strengthen belief in truth, kindness and tolerance, and make them fit to reach Heaven. (Xinran)

It was said that from 1970 to 1978 he worked as a horse nurse / helper at the Chinese army headquarters, then as a trumpeter in the Forestry Police Unit in Jilin Province (Northeast of China), and as a waitress at the hotel in the same forest police unit. In 1982 he was transferred to a civil institution as a security guard at Changchun Cereal Factory. In 1991 he quit his job and began to study Qi Gong (Science of Respiratory Exercise). In May 1992 he taught Qi Gong and started promoting Falun Gong.

Li confessed that he got the wangsit of Buddha and the Taoist Master since childhood, who had given him supernatural powers. And he changed his birthday to the birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, and proclaiming himself was a reincranation of Syakamuni.

According to Chinese records, he did not learn Qi Gong before 1988. Qi Gong's science he learned was based on two forms of Qi Gong doctrine that he combined into a form of dance movement that he called Falun Gong. And subsequently propagated with the fabricated and mysterious stories that are hyperbolized or that are hard to accept common sense.

In his book Zhuan Falun, Li confessed that he once pointed out to some of his followers (magical power) that he could post a cloud for half an hour when it was raining. He also claimed to be able to see the truth of the universe, and the beautiful things that had happened in the past that had passed, and the origin of the universe, its development and the events that would happen to humans in the future. (But after Falun Gong was banned from being perverted and cultured in China in 1990, this story has been abolished in the biography.)

Then he founded the Falun Dafa Research Society of Beijing, and he proclaimed himself president in 1992. Since then, he has successfully established 39 Qi Gong versions of training and teaching centers, then developed into 1900 branches with more than 28,000 training places in many places in China. And managed to form a systematic organization.

The Falun Dafa Research Society and its training center branches regularly and sometimes have not succeeded in mass activity. Through the Falun Dafa Community, Mr. Li managed to gain substantial followers in China, periodically and occasionally engaging in mass activity. At this event some of his followers began to attack the media and the wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party. He managed to get a lot of funds. Li Honzi was able to accumulate up to 1.217 million Yuan in scholarship and sell books (in those days around the 1990s). With this money Li bought a house and a luxury car with the name of his family members.

According to the Chinese security authorities they have created several plots and incited some Falun Gong followers to besiege and attack some media and government institution units, thus disrupting public order and order. And even by the official government of China is considered to have disrupted the stability of the country.

It is said that on April 25 some years ago, about ten thousand Falun Gong followers gathered and held Qi Gong positions at the center of China's political elite in Zhongnanhai in downtown Beijing. This activity is alleged to have seriously disrupted public order by the Chinese government. When this incident occurred Li Hongzhi was in Hong Kong.Because it has become a large and unregistered mass organization under applicable law. So this organization is declared illegal. Since 2000 he has rarely appeared in public. He was accused by Chinese authorities that he was protected by certain parties in the United States to be used as a tool for anti-Chinese propaganda. And he seems to be made a spiritual figure equivalent to the Dalai Lama. Surprisingly, its activities have a place and support from Western countries. (It seems that the West and the US have been using double standards for this same problem, given the Waco events in America a few decades ago that the authorities accused of being a cult).

On April 26, 1999 in an interview with Time in New York (published in Time 10 May 1999), he says that the world has become a mess because humans have been invaded by aliens from other planets, who challenge the human race through science, especially through cloning. On October 11, 1996, Houston mayor Robert C. Lanier proclaimed it as Li Hongzi's Day. This interview was conducted by William Dowell of Time in New York, his translator Zhang.

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