What is Imaging

What is ImagingImagery comes from the word Citra,

The meaning of the word image of many linguists revealed, including:

(1) Huddleston in (Buchari Alma, 2008: 55) gives the definition or definition of the image by saying the following: Image is a set of beliefs the personal associate with an Image as acquired trough experience. Meaning: image is a series of beliefs linked to an image that is owned or derived from experience,

(2) Bill Canton (S.Soemirat & Adrianto E 2007: 111) provides a definition or understanding as an impression, a feeling, a public image of the company; impressions that are deliberately created from an object, person or organization,

(3) Richard F. Gerson (1994) in Buchari Alma (2008: 54) gives a definition or understanding of the image of how consumers, potential customers, and competitors see you, your reputation is what people say to others. You need both the image of physical appearance and also the image of a professional business as a positive reputation, if anything is lacking, your business can fail,

(4) Philip Kotler (2009: 299) provides the definition or definition of the image as a set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that are owned by a person to an object,

(5) Frank Jefkins (Soemirat & Adrianto, 2007: 114) provides the definition or definition of the image as an impression of a person or an individual about something that arises as a result of his knowledge and experience,

(6) Soleh Soemirat & Elvinaro (2007: 113) provides a definition or understanding of the image of how the other party views a company, a person, a committee, or an activity,

(7) Buchari Alma (2008: 55) provides the definition or definition of the image as an impression, feeling or conception of the public about the company, about an object, person or institution, and

(8) Suharta Abdul Manjid (2009: 70) provides the definition of image as an image formed in the community (consumers / customers) about the good of the company

Adapted from: https://id.shvoong.com/social-sciences/communication-media-studies/2181313-definisi-atau-pengertian-citra/Political imaging is politics that is created to describe a person, an official, a party, a mass organization, etc. is good or bad. Positive image politics is used to lift the self elektiitas and group while the negative image to drop the enemy / opponent.

In each country the image is commonly used to generate the desired figure of a group or to elevate the rank and rank in the military as well as in civilian positions.

Because of this political name, not infrequently done with a very radical way that must sacrifice the blood of its own citizens.

Once in the middle of nowhere, there is a colonel designed in 4 years promoted to a 4 star Generals. So set up a successful team complete with a very large cost even financed by foreigners. The team moves to set up a riot at a certain level of society and create the great unrest. The colonel was designed to resolve the great unrest and settle quickly. The first prize of the colonel was promoted to a 1-star general, once created so that the one star soon rose to a two-star and so on until it reached the target of being a 4-star in 4 years.

In another story, during the process of imaging politics there is a failure because of the competition of the imaging process by other groups to collide. Shattered all plans and even lost all hope of the future because it must be fired from unity.

There are many ways this politics is run, there is a name of the image of being wronged, the image of the sacred, the image of the villain, etc.

So hopefully useful for all readers.

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