What is NFC and How to Use it Right

What is NFC and How to Use it RightFeatures NFC (Near field communication) has included long present in smartphone devices. NFC itself is a technology that allows smartphones to connect with other smartphones via radio network. In the mobile device industry especially smartphones, NFC is used as a tool for sharing data or file sharing. Like exchanging photos, videos, music, contacts, apps, and more.

In some types of smartphones, NFC features can be seen from the marks contained on the body. For example on a Sony smartphone that displays an N mark on the back. While on the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4, NFC feature can be seen from the writing Near Field Communication on the battery.

If there is no sign, to know your Android smartphone has NFC feature or not, you can go to Settings menu> Wireless & Networks> then click More. The NFC feature will be visible if your smartphone supports it.

Exchange Files via NFC on Android

Before exchanging files, you must enable the NFC feature first on the Settings menu, then attach the back of both smartphones. Once connected, tap the file to start the data transfer process.

The following are things to watch out for when exchanging files using NFC:

Both sender and recipient smartphones must enable the NFC and Android Beam features built into it.
The smartphone is not locked or in sleep mode.
Do not keep both (not more than 10 cm) until the data transfer process is complete.
When you hear the audio feedback, then the data transfer process has been completed.

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