What is the Comment of Residents Problem 100 Days Jokowi-JK Performance

What is theLiputan6.com, Jakarta – Still remembered clearly in the public memory of how it was during the presidential election campaign (Presidential election). Thousands of people are in Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) to give their support to Joko Widodo or who is familiarly called Jokowi. The euphoria of society is truly remarkable with the spirit of Jokowi voicing his campaign promises.

100 days later elected in the 2014 Presidential Election, conflict after conflict is actually scattered. The dispute between the KPK and the Police was heating up again. Strong drama fights are shown to the public. Susul-after the Police and KPK officials made a suspect. A number of KPK commissioners were also criminalized in the police.

Public wrathful. Protests against criminalization of the KPK occurred in some areas. Support for KPK flows in social networking with the Save KPK fence.

President Jokowi is considered unequivocal in resolving cases of KPK and Polri. The recommendation of whether or not Komjen Budi Gunawan be sworn in as Chief of Police is also unclear because Team 9 and Wantimpres are not 1 vote.

In the midst of chaos KPK and Polri, President Jokowi actually met with Prabowo Subianto who became his political opponent during the last presidential election. Under the pretext of hospitality, the public suspects that there are political cues to be conveyed to certain parties.

To be sure, the status of suspect Komjen Budi Gunawan make his inauguration as Chief of Police postponed. Do not know until when. The already blind politicians of Indonesia started to sing. They have their own opinions about the chaotic KPK and Police.

The heavy test is being passed by the president. As the head of state, Jokowi is charged with being the supreme commander of the rule of law against the polemic in society.

The survey results released by the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI), Jokowi-JK's 100-day government get 3 economic, legal and political report cards. While 2 blue report cards for social and security.

Of the 3 report cards red law has the lowest level of satisfaction. One of them because of Jokowi indecision in the chaotic KPK and Police are going on.

While in the economic field, government policy to decrease fuel price is considered to cause price uncertainty.

While the blue report card is intended for the social field because of the public satisfaction of the health card program and smart card. While in the field of security, people are satisfied because there are no major issues that interfere with security.Dissatisfaction with the performance of the Jokowi government and its work Cabinet also led to protests from various elements of society.

Jokowi-JK Working Cabinet Journey is still long. Do not let the government run out of energy just to think about the inauguration of the Chief of Police. It's good that the government immediately focus on work, work, and work.

Want to know the various public comments about the chaotic KPK and Police? And how do people respond with 100 working days Jokowi and JK? See the full Morning Coffee that aired Liputan 6 Morning SCTV, Sunday (1/2/2015), below. (Vra / Riz)

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