What is the Importance of Planting Trees

What is the Importance of Planting TreesWHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANTING TREE?

Why bother looking at the trees, every day should be watered, given fertilizer, pruned when it is rimbun.Begitu keting that I hear every day from the mouths of people who do not dislike if the land is planted with tree.Aku see many houses in Jakarta the whole page cemented with the reason for the practical and not muddy.Padahal if all the house pages cemented there will be no water absorption.

Planting trees at home is very useful.With the number of trees then the air in the house will feel cool. Jakarta Jakarta is so hot, it will not feel hot if the house planted with many trees.Example when I was living in my grandfather's house.Home my grandfather with 500 meter square looks into the forest because of the large collection of ornamental plants owned by my mother. My mother may have 200 trees. There are trees planted directly on the ground or planted in small pots. My grandfather's house was cool and no air conditioner needed to remove the air hot Jakarta.Now after moving to a smaller house, my mother reduced the collection of plants hiasnya.Halaman smaller not fit to accommodate 200 trees tree trees belonging to my mother.Finally in the house now there are only 50 trees.

Planting trees is a positive deed. Trees are one of the most important things in our life as human beings. Without trees, there probably will not be groundwater sources. Because the roots of the trees are what keeps the soil well-preserved. The tree acts as a guard so that groundwater can sink in in the ground.

The leaves of trees also serves as a dirty air filter. The trees also serve as a guard so that no floods occur. Without the trees then human life will have difficulty.

Therefore protect the trees. Plant and preserve the existing trees. Join the trees continuously for the supply of new trees. Preserve the environment and love the environment by planting or saving trees. Start from our homes.


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