What Is The Right Forest Area Of Indonesia 130 Million Ha, Pak Minister

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Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan, 27 November 2011 yesterday, stated that the current forest area of ??Indonesia is 130 million Ha through vivanews.com. This data is different from other official reports that the total area of ??Indonesia's forests in 2010 is 94,432,000 ha, as reported by the World Bank. Even funny, through Wikipedia.org with a source report from the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia's forests in 2005 desebutkan 93.92 million Ha.

The Minister of Forestry is still using the old data that has not been updated, according to the Data and Information Book of Forest Utilization Year 2010; Directorate General of Forestry Planning, Ministry of Forestry; November 2010. In the data there is a report of forest area that has not been updated since 10 years ago.

If the minister mentions that of the area of ??130 million ha only 43 million ha remaining included in the category of virgin forest, or 33.08% of the forest area of ??Indonesia. So with the same assumption, the area of ??virgin forest according to World Bank report is only 31,235,200 ha and 31,065,846 ha for wikipedia.org article.

The difference in data is striking. The difference of 1 Million ha is equivalent to 10,000 km. Apalagiselisihs up to 30 million ha means 300,000 km, very wide. Moreover, it is assumed that this difference is the amount of forest destruction in Indonesia. Naturally many parties are still highlighting illegal logging in Indonesia.

Tradingeconomics.com writes, defines the definition of the World Wide, forest area is "land under natural plant or planted stands of trees of at least 5 meters in situ, whether productive or not, and excludes tree stands in agricultural production systems and agroforestry systems) and trees in urban parks and gardens ". With this understanding, in 2011, the World Bank reported the total area of ??forest in Indonesia reached 944,320.00 km or equivalent to 94,432,000 ha in 2010. The graph of changes in forest area from year to year can be seen below:

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From the graph above shows a sharp decline in the area of ??Indonesia's forests

The same is also written through Wikipedia.org, that the extent of Indonesia's forests continues to shrink, Area Establishment of Forest Areas by the Ministry of Forestry of the Year (Hectares) 1950 162.0 million 1992 118.7 million 2003 110.0 million 2005 93.92 million. The data is sourced from the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, such as the links provided in the article.

The area of ??forest in 2005 according to Wikipedia is 93,92 ha consisting of permanent forest 88,27 million ha, conservation forest 15,37 million ha, protected forest 22,10 million ha, limited production forest 18,18 million ha, forest fixed production of 20.62 million ha, convertible production forest 10.69 million ha and Other Use area (non-forest area): 7.96 million ha.

Although Wikipedia data is derived from the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, but according to Data and Information Book of Forest Utilization 2010; Directorate General of Forestry Planning, Ministry of Forestry; November 2010. It is mentioned that the entire forest area in Indonesia is 133,300,543.98 ha. This extends to areas of nature reserves, protected forests, and production forests. As it is written here, the data is data on paper based on SK Appointment of Forest Area and Provincial Waters issued by the Minister of Forestry which includes some appointment decree issued more than ten years ago, for example for Central Kalimantan province SK designation issued since in 1982. Thus the real width of Indonesia's forests based on the information from the Directorate General of Forestry Planology is likely to be corrected near the forest area as the World Bank reports.If the data is then associated with the statement of Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan, written by Vivanews, yesterday. That Of 130 million hectares, only 43 million of which fall into the virgin forest category. Clearly, the Minister is still using data and information on forest utilization in 2010, as described above.

I do not know which one is true, and in what order, certainly according to vivanews, September 29, 2011. The United States government says it will do a debt for nature swap of US $ 28.5 million in the framework of helping forest conservation and climate change mitigation efforts in Indonesia, Borneo. This policy is included in the Tropical Forest Conservation Act 2 (TCFA2). Debt for nature swap is a diversion of debt that this time funds is used to finance conservation programs of biodiversity and tropical forests.

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