What is the Thinnest Laptop Thin in the World 2016

What is the Thinnest Laptop Thin in the World 2016Along with the development of the era, people began to move from a large home computer into a portable computer or laptop that is relatively small and lightweight. Because it is also from time to time the design of the laptop to be thinner to make it easier for people to take it everywhere.

The average thickness of a laptop is more than 2cm, so what is the thickness of the thinnest laptop in the world? Here we discuss the laptops that claim to be the thinnest laptop in the world.

What is the Thinnest Laptop Thin in the World 2016?


The thinnest laptop in the world 2016 is the output of Dell company based in Texas, United States, and its thickness is 1.52 cm or 15.2 mm. Thin well? But there are still thinner ones.


This slimmest laptop is made by Apple company based in Sillicon Valley, California, United States, with a thickness of 1.31 cm or 13.1 mm. Yes … Of course thinner than Dell XPS, but there are still thinner loh ..


This slimmest laptop is made from the largest PC company in China that is Lenovo, with a thickness of 1.28 cm or 12.88 mm. Wow, the thinnest among the Macbook and DELL yes .. So is Lenovo Yoga 900S is the thinnest laptop in the 2016 world today? Apparently there are even thinner anymore.


The thinnest laptop in the world is the output of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) company. HP itself is one of the world's largest information technology company headquartered in California, United States. With a thickness of only 1 cm fewer that is 1.04 cm or 10.4 mm make this laptop worth mentioning as the thinnest laptop in the world in 2016 this.Due to the thinness of this laptop the weight is also very light only 1.16 kg, so it feels light if taken anywhere even to be taken up the mountain! Will the future be a laptop whose thickness is below 1 cm? Yes of course because there has just been a news going out the laptop thickness under 1 cm, amazing! Laptop what is it?


Acer as the manufacturer of the slimmest laptop is a Taiwanese technology company recently introduced its newest laptop Swift 7 with a thickness of only 0.99 cm or 9.98 mm (below 1cm). With a thickness of under 1 cm of course makes this laptop lightweight, which is only 1.1kg.

Acer Swift 7 has a 13.3-inch screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and powered by seventh-generation processor Intel Core i5 and uses the Windows operating system 10. This laptop will be launched first in China in September 2016, then later in Europe, and America in October 2016.

So far there is no certainty when Acer Laptops Swift 7 will be released in Indonesia. So, are you guys interested in buying the thinnest laptop in the world?

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