What Symptoms You Have OCD Here’s The Answer

What Symptoms You Have OCD Here's The AnswerVemale.com – If you hear the word OCD, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is the dietary method of Deddy Corbuzier. However this OCD is very different from that Ladies. Obsessive compulsive disorder or abbreviated with OCD is one of the disorders that make a person feel anxious and most become obsessed with cleanliness.

This disorder can affect the personal life of the patient and make it anti-social because it considers many people are not hygienic. Generally, as quoted from www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au, common symptoms caused, among others,

1. Fear of contamination by bacteria, germs, dirt, toxins, garbage, dust and other physical substances in the environment

This can be characterized by the presence of excessive habits such as frequent hand washing, bathing and brushing teeth. They always feel themselves dirty with bacteria or dirt if not often clean themselves.

2. Fear of illness, accident and death

These concerns can be overwhelming for themselves by avoiding many danger activities and threatening their health and lives. This can also be demonstrated by checking many times the stove, electrical appliances, gas, and safety related matters.

Excessive worries can also be indicated by advising people around them, especially not to approach danger or something that might potentially spread the disease. Concerns are not only limited to it, it could also concern social issues, avoiding people with certain religions or certain races.

3. Like hoarding and storing goods

Often they will stockpile and store unused items because unfortunately throw them out by reason of collections such as clothes, food, magazines etc. dna. They will also apply rules that sometimes sound irrational about the layout of furniture, books, and clothing.

If Ladies feel like experiencing one of these conditions and feel this is not common anymore, then you should not hesitate to talk to your doctor or psychiatrist.

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