What the World’s Most Dreaded Surveys Survey It Responds!

What the World's Most Dreaded Surveys Survey It Responds!As a person who is still breathing until this moment, maybe you often meet the standard question: what are you most afraid of in this life? The answers were varied, ranging from fear of death, fear of tsunami, to the most unreasonable answer is; afraid to lose you. Duh the more intoxicated romance!

But it turns out this standard question has also been used as material survey and research. Results are not playing games and can be accounted loh. Launched by the Pew Research Center, which surveyed 38 countries in the world including Indonesia, with 41,953 respondents in the period February 16 to May 8, 2017, this is the 8 most feared by the world community related to security in the country. Let's see the following Hipwee News and Feature description let me know!

8. Fear of the influence of Chinese power. Sure, this most populous country is doing a massive economic invasion!

7. Besides China, Russia is also still a source of world concern. Lately Vladimir Putin again often be the spotlight

6. Again, again the fear that is in sixth place is to fear the influence of a country, this time is the fear of American influence. This sentiment is quite strong in many countries, including Indonesia

5. Furthermore, it turns out that the public is afraid of the country entering the refugees who come from conflicting countries like Iraq and Syria

4. Among the increasingly threatening political and social issues, the stomach problem remains a major concern. Hence the fear associated with global economic conditions perched at position 4

3. Most current, fear of attack from hackers. So remember the splash of Wannacry virus that could make a world citizen geger ya

2. Furthermore, people in the world are still afraid of the threat of global warming and climate change. This phenomenon really close

1. It turns out that the most feared people of the world is the threat of ISIS. Attacks after ISIS terrorist attacks often make a shudder

It's the sixth most feared thing in the world, including Indonesia. Terrorism may be the thing that has been worrying us and feeling insecure, given the many cases of terrorism that threaten our country. But if a survey of these fears focuses on the country of Indonesia, there will probably be many other fear factors that will come up. For example the fear of corruption that is increasingly unreasonable day, the fear of the revival of the PKI, or it could be a fear of tribal divisions and wars.How guys, if you guys what is the most feared?

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