What’s Behind the Plan of Development of United States Military Base in Darwin

What's Behind the Plan of Development of United States Military Base in DarwinSince November 21, 2011, the Southeast Asia region has been heating up with information on plans to build a US military base in Darwin, Northern Australia, where the base will begin construction in mid-2012, putting 2,500 Marines and combat equipment, including tanks and fighter aircraft. On the other hand, the US denies that the military base will be used as a troop to invade, but as a relief force in the event of a natural disaster in the region and its surroundings.

With regard to the plan, Indonesia as a direct state in northern Australia will certainly receive an effect on the existence of US military bases. Many international observers say the Indonesian government in this case President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) should state the stance on the plan, even should be addressed by the US and Australia on the matter. Because as already known, the US always has a plan behind all its actions and enforces a double standard. Moreover, the US has an interest with Indonesia on the land of Papua.

We can see some alarming facts about the geographical location between Indonesia and Australia, the first being the US military base in Darwin which is only 820 km from Papua, and the second is the US military base in Darwin only about 280 mm from the Indonesian waters. And not only that, I find the fact that Australia has several times committed acts of violation of the territory and sovereignty of Indonesia, some examples of cases of violations committed by Australia. One of them was when Australia deployed its troops in East Timor in the early days of the referendum. On behalf of the international interest, they fielded their troops into Dili. In fact, East Timor was clearly still Indonesia's sovereign territory, because there was no concrete result that the East Timorese wanted independence for the former Indonesian province.

Whereas in 1996 Australia and Indonesia made the Security Defense Treaty. The agreement was made because the two countries want to strengthen the friendship that exists between the two. The agreement also recognizes the importance of peace assurance and regional stability as a means of ensuring economic and welfare development for both countries.

Both countries agree that:

state ministers will be consulted on security matters at all times;

consult each other in the event of hostile challenges to common security interests, and consider individual actions or collective action that may be taken; and,

will work together on security issues.

And this agreement came into force on July 15, 1996. Thus the action of Australia deploying military forces into a sovereign state without permission and mandate from the United Nations is an act of territorial violation and can trigger a conflict between the two countries and deny the above agreement. This indicates that Australia as a neighboring country and directly bordering Indonesia, is not well-timed and arrogant.

Back to the issue of US troop deployment in Darwin, I analyze that there are three dangerous factors that threaten Indonesia: political, military and economic factors.

On Political factors, if analyzed, the plan to build a US military base in Darwin is related to US attitudes toward Indonesia, especially the issue of Papua. For a long time, the US has intervened in the issue of Papuan separatism which is considered a gross human rights violation, whose allegations of human rights violations are addressed to the TNI. The form of US involvement in the land of Papua on behalf of human rights is not free because of Freeport Indonesia. Interesting facts can be seen several months ago when the police were considered to have committed human rights violations, by conducting raids against the Papuan Congress which is considered as an act of treason against the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. The US government is silent, and even the US Congress does not speak at all, while the US is always shouting about human rights abuses in Papua. As for Australia, the existence of a military base in Darwin made Australia's situation safer from international pressure, because military bases, legally international are US property. So the law in force in military bases is US law. The link between US military bases and Australia's international politics towards Indonesia is about the Papuan problem as well. It has been known for a long time, if Australia also interferes with the affairs of Papua. Australia is often used as a place to seek asylum by OPM members. The existence of a US military base in Darwin will precisely protect Australia, as it could be a transit base and a refuge for asylum seekers from PapuOn Military factors, if analyzed, the military and defense-security are the most influential of the planned development of this military base, especially the military interests of Indonesia, East Timor, China and Australia, and the ASEAN region. For Indonesia, the existence of military bases in darwin allows military aggression to be easily done by the US and Australia. Speaking of US military bases, then US military bases in Japan (Tokyo, Yokota, Okinawa, Sasebo, Otsuki and Yokosuka), this base can be used as a benchmark of what later military bases in Darwin will be, for example US military power is US NAVY 7th Fleet placed in Okinawa. Although the US argues, Darwin's military base is only for the movement of humanitarian troops that move to provide relief in the disaster area. A fleet equipped with aircraft carriers and boats that have more sophisticated capabilities than naval ships and US submarines in the fleet, certainly not an easy opponent. Not to mention the number of US Marines that number more than 10 thousand personnel in a military base. The presence of aircraft carriers in a fleet, allowing the US to attack his enemy from any position.

The last is on the Economy factor, if analyzed, economic growth of ASEAN countries especially Indonesia in the last decade hardly affected by world economic crisis, become a magnet for developed countries like US, Europe and China. Especially about China, Bamboo Curtain country has been looking at ASEAN in particular since Indonesia as a potential market. So China continues to invest in this region, be it the field of energy, electronics, consumer products until the sale of defense equipment. China is also starting to look for energy reserves in the ASEAN region, and also began annexing the South China Sea region by recognizing the area as a state-owned Bamboo Curtain based on ancient maps. Especially for Indonesia, China has made a contract on the purchase of coal from Indonesia and took part in the 10,000 MW Electricity Development project. The latest one is China being the largest foreign investor in Timor Leste, whereas Timor-Leste is close to Australia and the United States.

Under these conditions, the US clearly feels its importance as a major investor in the ASEAN region is disrupted by China's entry. Moreover, the South China Sea region is already targeted by the US as oil reserves. Not only that, the movement of China in East Timor also poses a threat to the US and Australia that are eyeing the oil-rich Timor Gap and natural gas. The US does not want its loyal customers to turn to China with the lure of cheap goods, because if the region is turned away from the US, we can be sure the US economy will get worse. To see how big the US economic interests in Indonesia, can be seen with the arrival of Obama in Bali, who attended the ASEAN Summit, while witnessing the signing of the purchase of 203 units Boeing aircraft by Lion Air airlines. This purchase is the largest in Boeing history. From the activity is clear, Obama serves as a salesman to secure the contract purchase of the aircraft. Because if the contract fails, then Boeing must have fired his employees, and that is not in accordance with Obama's promise to the US people who promise to provide more economic certainty to the people.

With all the factors and data already mentioned, it is clear that the plan to build a US military base in Darwin is a US movement to secure its geopolitical interests in the ASEAN region, while increasing the bargaining power of the US and China by demonstrating its power in the southern region .

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