What’s on Mount Padang Read it!

What's on Mount Padang Read it!

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Mount Padang World Heritage Megastructure (Pon S. Purajatnika)

Paper research done Pon S. Purajatnika since 2009 is a pioneer in modern research Gunung Padang. Pak Pon is the one who says mountain padang is Machu Pichu Indonesia

Site megalith mountain padang has spatial still visible until now, the five terraces increasingly rising to the rear shows the hierarchy of increasingly sacred space of course
more important.

Monumental Scale

Site megalith mount padang formed with monumental scale, currently we have to travel 400 stairs
more to reach its peak with the slope of the stairs averaging 45 degrees. This means the size of this site
compared to human size and other buildings is very large. Places of rituals from ancient times until now do tend to be made with monumental scale https://www.amazon.com/GUNUNG-PADANG-Megastruktur- Heritage-World-ebook/dp/B00I9HK9DY

Plato Not Lying (Danny Hilman Natawidjaja)

The Book of Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja-The Story of Atlantis in Plato's Scripts Critias and Timiaeus are often regarded as fictional fictional stories of Plato whereas in Critias it is said firmly that the source is a very ancient writing of an old temple in Egypt.

Plato not only tells Atlantis but more astonishingly also describes the catastrophic global catastrophe and the destruction of human civilization in the ice age. The approximate location and geographical, climatic, and flora-fauna conditions of the Atlantis plateau are described in sufficient detail, as well as Atlantis's relation to the Greek-Egyptian and Egyptian civilizations is quite palpable. The destruction of Atlantis is mentioned because of the great earthquake and flood that the time is definitely mentioned: 11,600 years ago. The time that in Quaternary geological history is known as the end of the Younger Dryas (YD) or the End of Pleistocene and the Early Holocene Age. At the time of YD is allegedly a catastrophic global disaster that destroys life on earth; And the interesting history of civilization that we know begins in the after YD.

This book discusses Plato's text critically and sharply from a logical and scientific point of view. All discussions and interpretations go back to Plato's text so that readers can analyze themselves. In accordance with the author's background, the contents of the Plato Manuscript are analyzed from the point of view of a geologist and disaster. Then the authors further elaborate on the concept of the cycle of natural disasters from the knowledge of modern geology and its relation to humans. The descriptions are accompanied by case studies of major natural disasters occurring in Indonesian territory, including the process of sunking the ancient land of Sundaland that occurred at the end of the ice age. In the last section a short discussion about the results of archaeological-geological research on the Mount Padang Megalithic Site and the presence or absence of links with Atlantis.https: //www.amazon.com/PLATO-TIDAK-BOHONG-ATLANTIS-INDONESIA-ebook/dp/B00I45HGGY

English Version – Plato Not Lying (Danny Hilman Natawidjaja)

The English version of Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja's book – The story of Atlantis in Platos manuscript Critias and Timiaeus is often disregarded as Platos imaginative story, though in Egypt.Platos manuscript does not merely tell about Atlantis but more fascinating also describe about global catastrophic events in the past, which destroyed human civilizations during ice ages again and again. The approximate location and geographical signatures, as well as climates, vegetations and animals of the land of Atlantis are well described. The Critias also tells about the pre-historic war of the Atlantis, who came accross the Atlantic Ocean, against the lost-ancient Athens-Greek as well as the ancient Egypt.

The demise of the Atlantis is expressed as a result of a giant earthquake and the great floods that occured approximately 11,600 years ago. Just the time that coincides with the Younger Dryas (YD) period, when the global sea level rose suddenly, at the end of the Pleistocene or the onset of the Holocene Era. Scientists strongly suspected that the YD is caused by global catastrophic events, which may also terminate many living things including human cultures on Earth. Interestingly, the known history of the rise of our civilizations started after the YD period.

This book sharply and critically discuss Platos manuscipts from logic-scientific point of view. Each discussion and interpretation refers to selected paragraphs in Platos manuscripts, so readers will be able to have their own opinions. The Plato manuscripts are mainly analized from the earth-scientist point of view. Then, the writer explain further about the concept of natural-dissaster cycles and their siginificances to human life. The discussions are in the region, including the epic of drawing of Sundaland at the end of the ice age. At the last section, the writer briefly discuss about the results of archeo-geological research of the emerging Mount Padang megalithic site, and whether there is any connection to the legendary Atlantis.https: //www.amazon.com/PLATO-NEVER- LIED-ATLANTIS-INDONESIA-ebook / dp / B00I3SIFRQ

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