When You Do These 8 Things When The Interview Work, Happy You Just Failed

When You Do These 8 Things When The Interview Work, Happy You Just FailedConfused to send a cover letter where else? Always feel confident and perfect during the interview session, but it turns out Sorry Sorry, we have not received you received? Perhaps the fault is not in the qualifications you have, but in the interview session you think is perfect.

Through the CV, the HRD office you are applying will assess whether you meet the qualifications being sought. Through interviews, it's not just about qualifications to be assessed, but your personal. Many failed in the interview session because it turns out you can not highlight the potential as you have done well in the CV. Well, for this interviumu fruitful job offer, do not again do these things huh!

1. Better to arrive on time, because coming too early and inconvenience the company to make the interviewer turn off at the beginning

You must know that coming late without the confirmation has destroyed your wish to join the company? No less serious than coming too late is coming too soon. The job selection process is very inconvenient for the HRD team of a company. There are many things to prepare, from appropriate data, time, schedules from each interviewer, as well as other printines. Therefore, come just in time. Do not be afraid of being late, then you come 2 hours before. You can not be left waiting just to stare. Troublesome companies like that also make a bad impression at the first meeting.

2. No questions Can I sit down? and sitting just a little too shows you less respect for the interviewer

Because in the interviu your whole person is judged, you have to show high ethics and politeness. Although that does not mean you have to be rigid like a robot. As much as possible show your politeness, for example by way of saying excuse when entering the interview room and ask may I sit down? before you start it all. Do not play alone. Yes, even though everyone knows that you can sit in the chair provided, there is no harm in the small talk of first-order?

3. Even if you are busy extraordinarily, answering the phone during the interview is the same as you are suicide

Before entering the interview room, you have to make sure that your phone is off or at least silent. If you do forget, and your phone rings in the interview process, do not ever ask me. May I answer? Oh yes, they will nod and invite you to answer the phone. But secretly they also crossed your name off the list for consideration. In addition to being rude and wasting the interviewer time, such acts show that you are not serious about this selection of interviews while out there are still many waiting candidates.

4. You do not know anything about the company and the position you are applying for? Duh, you should not have bothered to come

The work interview is not much different from the exam. You can not pass without proper preparation. The difference, when the exam is still there is a possibility you cheat by cheating friends, in this interview work you are fighting alone. Coming to the interview without sufficient understanding of the company and the job position you are applying for is futile. Honey, you've wasted money on the road because they will not bother to consider you either. How can they consider if you do not even know what you are going to do? Despite the fact you are desperate, and spread the job application letter to any available position, still at least you have to googling first about the company and the position.

5. It is true that you should try to show your potential. But the constant promotion of your strengths, without answering the questions asked, is a big mistake!So how about the marketing strategy that you will do when accepted in this company?

Daddy calmed down. I have been experienced in this field for 3 years. I know how the market works. I also graduated from the best colleges and got knowledge from the best people in their field.

Personal branding is necessary. But that does not mean you have to do hard selling to show your ability. Interviu there are stages. There are times when you are promoting yourself later (when you have reached the question Why should we accept you?). Beyond that, just answer the question posed clearly. No need to say unnecessary things or talk too long. Importantly, the interviewer understood.

6. Though you realize that your contribution in the previous office is not much, too honest about it will also be bad for your future

You will get questions about what you have done in your old office. Here, you are expected to not only explain your jobdesk, but also what accomplishments you have accomplished. Well, even if you feel your contribution in the old office is not much, do not also answered too honestly. Even a little, you must have a stake in your old job. Here, you have to cleverly polish simple successes into something that sounds spectacular. In addition to your success, here, you also should not vilify your old office. If you do that, it's fatal.

7. I want this job because this job can give me a chance to develop myself is the answer that makes the interviewer bored. Do not repeat yes ~

Because this is my passion.

Because this job will give me the opportunity to develop my passion and enable me to achieve my dream.

Because I love the world of marketing since I was in college.

List above are the answers that should not you when you get the question Why should we accept you ?. The interviewer will be tired of hearing it, because that is the standard answer. In addition, it all seems to refer only to yourself, but what the company is looking for is clearly the things that benefit them. Instead of saying the job fit your passion, you can explain why you decided to pursue your passion. And instead of saying this job is the path to ideals, you can say what contribution you might give to the company if you are accepted.

8. Interview is an assessment of your spirits as well. If you're just silent without asking anything, are you really interested in working there or not?How serious you are to work there can also be seen from the amount of enthusiasm you show. Being passive means that you only answer questions without asking back, indicating that you are less enthusiastic and less interested in the position you are applying for. To show that you are really interested, you should ask questions about the company and the position you are applying for. In addition to showing interest, it also gives you new knowledge. Who knows could be a matter of consideration whether you really want a career there or should retreat slowly.

To conquer the interviews do require tricks and tips. Because besides you have to prove anything you write on your CV, that's not enough. You must show that you have the ethics and attitude that make you worthy of acceptance. Honest is a must. But you should know also what to say and what should be stored in the heart. See you in the next interview!

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