Why MacBooks Are The Best Laptops For Programming, Do not Come Yeah!

Why MacBooks Are The Best Laptops For Programming, Do not Come Yeah!MacBook into a laptop that is luxurious and widely used by professionals. One of the professionals who often use the MacBook is a programmer. Well, is the MacBook really a good laptop for programming?

There may be some of you who have ever felt why great people and professionals always use the MacBook compared to other Windows laptops. For that, you must read the reasons below!

MacBook is one of the best masterpieces ever in this world. Of the quality of battery efficiency, still no one can match the MacBook. However, it does not mean everyone will be comfortable to use the MacBook. There's still a less comfortable and choose Windows.

On the other hand, despite being one of the best, the MacBook also has its limitations. From the cheapest to the most expensive version, there are still some things that can not be run by the MacBook but can be operated from a Windows laptop. Therefore, Jaka will discuss it more deeply yes.

Hardware Side

It's not very influential in the matter of programming, but it does not hurt for us to discuss yes. Yes, the MacBook has excellent hardware in its products, let alone for the most expensive products. Moreover, the quality of the resulting color is amazingly good thanks to Retina display technology.

On the other hand, at a fairly expensive price, many Windows laptops offer products with better hardware but are priced at a low price. But, still it will not beat the impression of a MacBook that has been labeled a luxury laptop that has prestige.

Scope of Development

If you are creating an application design for Windows, then the MacBook is not a good choice for you. However, the MacBook that runs the MacOS operating system, has a good development scope for UNIX. UNIX is what the majority of web servers use.

Simply put, if the server uses UNIX or Linux, then the MacBook becomes a good choice of laptops for development. For, if the application that you develop on the MacBook, then when run on the machine it will be similar to the server after it is placed.

Web applications that are usually developed that use PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Node.js. All three will be exactly the same on the server production as in MySQL and Postgres. So, already understand why MacBook better than Windows?Tools Variety

The MacBook also has access to 3 major browsers for you who want to test web apps. For example, Apple's original browser is Safari. Here, you can easily connect to the iOS simulator allowing you to test web apps on iPhone and iPad. For iOS developers, this is an invaluable plus.

In addition, other tools that you can use when using the MacBook adalag a number of text editors such as TextMate, BBedit, Sublime Text, Atom, SubEthaEdit with features already connected directly with Google Docs. A lot right? There's more you know.

The MacBook also has some access to other developer tools such as Graphical User Interface or GUI (Cornerstone and Version for SVN, Tower and SourceTree for Git) controls, Kaleidoscope, xScope, Dash, and Transmit. In fact, if you want to access to a different development environment, you can use VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop.

Then, there are some tools available for the MacBook to be a really good laptop programming. Developers will prefer the MacBook over Windows laptops is when you find some missing sources, you can find many alternatives when using the MacBook.


Although expensive, but the MacBook is great for use for better programming. If you think you still can not, do not be forced to buy a MacBook. Better, save first until finally ready to buy a MacBook and re-create a good coding.

How, do you already understand that the MacBook is the right laptop for you to use as programming? Make sure also you read related Laptop articles or other interesting writing from Jofinno Herian.

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